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Technology adds new words, Smexy: Deification And Meaning




Smexy: Communication is changing, in case you hadn’t noticed.
Texts, e-mails, and tweets can now reach their intended recipients in a matter of seconds or less.

Because of the younger generation’s embrace of short phrases propagated through social media, such as acronyms like FOMO, the words we use to express everyday things are getting shorter as communication speeds up (fear of missing out).

The most recent additions to’s platform reflect these developments. On Wednesday, the website stated that it would be extending its editorial section to include new language trends influenced by social media and pop culture.

Furthermore, the word-defining resource published a list of current trending words and terms that have gained popularity in recent months. “Smurfing,” which occurs when a highly talented gamer plays against lower-level gamers under a different phony name, was a popular slang term. add new words, Smexy


This summer searches for “smurfing” soared by nearly 1,000%. discovered that the term “pangender,” which refers to someone who identifies as having many genders, was searched 553 percent more than usual. A popular hair color called “blorange,” a mix of blond and orange, also trended up 95%.

The following is a list of the new words and phrases

1. to mana: A meaningless sentence popularised by Ghanaian rapper Patapaa in a rap. The statement sparked the Skopatumana Challenge, in which people record themselves rapping Patapaa’s words and share them online.

2. Womyn: An alternate spelling for women used by certain feminists to avoid the “-men” suffix, which they believe is sexist.

3. Smexy: A combination of clever and sexy, referring to someone who possesses both intelligence and attractiveness. It might also simply be a playful way of describing someone as sexy.

4. Hamster angle: When a selfie makes your face look obese, like a hamster’s, it’s known as hamster angle.

5. Yaldi: A slang interjection in Scottish slang that means “excitement” or “joy.”

6. Birb: A deliberate misspelling of bird, also spelled berb, utilized in internet slang such as DoggoLino. It’s a fun way of referring to cute birds, especially pet birds.

7. Plogging: Plogging is a Swedish fitness craze that mixes jogging with litter cleanup.

8. Ballmer Peak: Ballmer Peak is a hypothetical level of inebriation that is said to improve a computer programmer’s abilities.

9. Hot girl summer: Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper, coined the term “hot girl summer” to describe the sensation of being confident in who you are while having fun and looking fantastic. It frequently involves women sharing summery selfies with the caption (I heard it’s) hot girl summer.

10. Passive-aggressive Daenerys: A meme depicting Daenerys Targaryen from the HBO television series “Game of Thrones” with a squinting, pinched, contemptuous smile.

The image is comically matched with statements made in imitation of – or in response to – passive-aggressive, judgemental, or ignorant social remarks or situations.

11. Ice cube emoji: The ice cube emoji shows a grayish-blue cube of frozen water. It’s the ideal complement to all of your cold digital beverages.

The ice cube emoji is also associated with all things chill, whether literally (the temperature) or metaphorically (like rapper and actor Ice Cube).

12. Flamingo emoji: The flamingo emoji, which depicts a flamingo with its distinctive pink plumage and posture, symbolizes the colorful bird in a variety of scenarios. It could also be used for stuff related to the tropics, such as poolside pleasure in the summer.

13. Drop of blood emoji: This emoji, which depicts a droplet of blood, can be used to signify anything blood-related, such as bleeding from an accident, blood testing and donations, and menstruation.

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