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Snow Plow Trucks : As Snow And Ice Dropped Across The Northeast



Snow Plow Trucks

Snow Plow Trucks: As snow and ice dropped across the Northeast on Tuesday, officials in one New York city were unable to clean the streets promptly because all of the snowplows and salt trucks had been sabotaged.

One or more people are thought to have entered a public works garage between 3:30 p.m. Monday and 5 a.m. Tuesday and inserted latex gloves in the gas tanks of the city’s municipal trucks, according to Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas.

In a statement, Thomas stated, “It’s a direct attack on the people of Mount Vernon.” “We’re not going to be intimidated,” says the group. We will apprehend whoever is involved for this hate crime against the citizens of the city.”

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Snow Plow Trucks

Around 6 a.m., officials discovered the vandalism when two city trucks were disabled. Following the discovery of gloves in the gas tanks of the two vehicles, mechanics checked the rest of the city’s trucks and discovered gloves in all of their tanks.

The Rockland/Westchester News said that 29 trucks had been tampered with, including 16 garbage trucks and 13 snow ploughs. Additional teams from Westchester County were dispatched to assist in the clearing of the tanks.

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When the snow began to fall, some trucks were able to be rapidly repaired and put back on the road by 10 a.m.

Residents were instructed to minimise their usage of city roadways until workers could finish salting and ploughing, which had been delayed for several hours due to the vandalism, which the mayor described as a “assault” on Mount Vernon.

A false pipe bomb was put in Mount Vernon City Hall on Jan. 14, and “nearly soon after” the building was cleared, someone set fire to a filing cabinet in an office, according to the mayor. He seemed to connect Tuesday’s occurrence to the ones from a month ago.

“The direct act of intimidation has startled and grieved us,” Thomas said. “The persistent harassment by groups of people who wish to block growth and the safety of the residents of the city irritates us much.”

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