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Sonnie Johnson, a conservative radio host, warned Republicans on “Fox News Primetime” Friday to stop “talking down to Black America” and help “fix the issues” in urban areas, telling host Lawrence Jones that Republicans need to stop being “sanctimonious” and start implementing policies that can address inner-city issues.

JOHNSON: Let me begin by stating that you [Jones] are putting a lot of people in danger by having these kinds of conversations, by getting people like my brother Maj [Toure] and myself on to have these conversations because we are not going to follow the established paradigm.

And that is to have one side that says, “There is no racism. It doesn’t exist.

You’re playing the victim,” and the other side that is entirely focused on identity politics with no substance or policy.

The problem with Democrats is that they will never discuss this topic.

Because if they don’t, they’ll have to answer for what they’ve done to our communities for the past sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, and one hundred years in some cases.

They’ll have to answer for their actions. They will not put themselves in a position where they will have to answer for their actions.

I first delivered this message to Republicans and conservatives seven years ago. This is something we can discuss.

We have the ability to go out there and win them over. We have the ability to win people’s hearts and minds.

I was advised to sit down and stop talking. I was informed that referring to African-Americans as slaves on a plantation was more beneficial than actually offering them policies to address the problems that they face in Democratic-controlled cities.

It was explained to me that the chat was unimportant. I was informed that our voices didn’t matter, and that these individuals who chose to berate and dismiss Black Americans were continuously thrust into the spotlight.

Where are the individuals that want to talk about crime between black and black?

Where are all the individuals that want to discuss about what’s going on? We’re right around the corner. For years, we’ve been bringing these discussions to the right.

You never want to talk to us about these things until this time comes. So, please, save the sanctimonious rhetoric and let’s go to work on a policy that will address the problems in these places.

As an American citizen, you have the right to bear arms, but you also have a responsibility.

With that level of responsibility comes a particular level of expertise and training.

Rather than approaching it from that perspective, where we are educating young boys that it is not just their right, but also their obligation, and the weight that comes with that responsibility, that topic is never discussed.

Instead, they are approached by their 16-year-old cousin who says, “Here, aim and shoot.”

We can be the responsible voices in these regions, especially for those who are unaware that they have a Second Amendment right.

That’s why having people like Maj [Toure] from Black Guns Matter on board is so beneficial.

So when he goes in and teaches gun safety, he also teaches the local rules and regulations, as well as deescalation and other techniques to settle situations without resorting to violence.

As a result, the work is being completed. It would be wonderful if individuals on the right realised this instead of continually dismissing Black America.

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