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Sophia Lillis: Bio, Age, Movies, TV Shows & Net Worth



Sophia Lillis, is an American actress. She is known for her role as Beverly Marsh in the horror films It and It: Chapter Two and for her starring role as a teenager with telekinetic abilities in the Netflix drama series I Am Not Okay with This.

Sophia Lillis Bio & Age

Sophia Lillis

Sophia Lillis is an American actress who gained international fame in the 2017 horror film ‘It’. A child actor, Lillis first made the transition to the big screen when she starred as Beverly Marsh in the Stephen King adaptation of the novel.

Lillis’ acting career started early, when she appeared in her step-father’s short film ‘The Lipstick Stain’. She then went on to star in ‘The Music Man’ and starred in a short film called ‘The Lipstick Stain.’ She was also a child actor, appearing in ‘The Kids on Strike’ and ‘The Lipstick Stain’.


The actress was born on 13 February 2002 and raised by her mother and stepfather. She has a twin brother, Jake. Sophia was born on the 13th of February 2002, which makes her one of the youngest notable actresses born in

February. At a young age, Lillis’ career path became clear. At the age of seven, her stepfather suggested that she enroll in an acting course. Lillis’ parents were supportive, and her stepfather influenced her decision to pursue acting.

Sophia Lillis Movies

One of the most talented actresses of our time is Sophia Lillis. Her versatility and acting skills have helped her land a number of films and television roles. Many aspiring actresses look up to her and emulate her. Sophia Lillis movies

include Sharp Objects and It Chapter Two, among others. She also produces her own movies. These films are sure to make her a hit with audiences. Read on to find out more about her.


Sophia Lillis is a New York-born actress. She first came to prominence in Stephen King’s horror classic “It” (2017). She also starred in the short film “The Lipstick Stain” (2013) and the upcoming HBO drama series “Sharp Objects.”

Her other film credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014) and The Lipstick Stain (2013). She has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, a film that she co-wrote.

Sophia Lillis TV Shows

If you love watching Sophia Lillis TV shows and movies, you are not alone. You have probably seen one or two of her movies or TV shows. Netflix is an online service where you can watch movies, TV shows, and more from more than a

hundred countries around the world. You can search for Sophia Lillis and her films and TV shows on their main page, where you can also search by actor, director, or genre.


Born on February 13, 2002, Sophia Lillis grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. She holds American nationality and is a member of the Christian faith. She is one of the youngest actresses to be born in the month of

February. At the age of seven, her stepfather suggested that she take acting classes, and she did. She was eventually cast in a role in the horror film It (2017), which helped launch her career.

Sophia Lillis Net Worth

It is estimated that Sophia Lillis’ net worth is between $1 million and $5 million US dollars. She is a successful actress and has earned recognition and money in the entertainment industry. Her net worth may be higher, however,

as she has not released any details regarding her salary and assets. Lillis has been active on social media platforms such as Instagram, imdb, and tiktok. However, it is difficult to find detailed information about her finances or relationship status.


Despite her wealth and fame, Sophia has remained modest. Her family life is kept private, and she is not married or with children. Nevertheless, she has multiple sources of income and leads a modest lifestyle. Sophia Lillis net worth is

approximately $5 million. Sophia Lillis is not married or divorced and lives with her parents in a beautiful home. She has not made a public declaration of how much money she earns from her acting career.

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