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Soulmate Sketch

Soulmate Sketch: Your soul mate may not be written in the stars by the universe, but an Etsy psychic can draw him or her on paper.

Thousands of romantic aspirants have flocked to the e-commerce website during quarantine in the hopes of finding their perfect love through The Psychic Artist.

An unidentified merchant who claims to have psychic ability to draw one’s “soul mate.”

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Soulmate Sketch

A description for the soul mate pictures reads, “My drawings are incredibly realistic and exact.”

“This service will bring a mirror of the person you’ll marry, describing and illustrating your Soulmate’s physical appearance!”

When it comes to delivering the above-mentioned soul partner, the merchant has decreased the wait period from a lifetime to just 24 hours.

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Fortunately for those considering paying the reduced price of $33.61 (as 59,933 have already done).

The psychic claims to have the ability to back up these hastily drawn portraits of lifelong love.

“I was born with the ability to read people’s minds. Governments, celebrities, judges, lawyers, and everyone in between have used my psychic abilities.

After successfully working with various public individuals and government agencies [sic], explaining and illustrating exactly what will happen next, I was dubbed PsychicArtist.

“I have had over 7000 clients in my career, and all of my predictions have come true,” the psychic continues.

The accuracy of the forecasts appears to be up for debate among those who have paid for the service, which includes a portrait drawing and a detailed description of the alleged suiter’s characteristics based solely on your name and birth date.

“Extremely accurate. With the reading, he was quite quick and precise.

I’ve been staring at the drawing ever since,” one individual commented, though they didn’t say whether or not they had found their soul match.

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“It was fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing if it comes true!” In the reviews, someone else wrote.

“I purchased this service out of pure curiosity, and after three months, I recently met a fantastic man! I’m shivering all over because he’s precisely how [Psychic Artist] described him!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHAREING YOUR GIFT WITH OTHERS!” One reviewer included a photo of herself and her partner in her review.

One critic gave it a one-star rating, saying, “Not really accurate as to when I met my soulmate.”

Another critic of the service wrote, “My drawing looked almost exactly like another reviewer’s drawing,” implying that the Psychic Artist reuses sketches.

“I felt the drawing to be fairly general, as it could be of a few people I’ve swiped right on, as well as a few people I don’t know.

Having said that, I had a great time with this service and am hoping that the predictions come true.

If it works, I will update my review, especially if they prove to be correct,” one user commented, giving it three stars.

In recent months, the psychic’s drawings have become something of a craze, with TikTok users covering the payment and then detailing their experience on the video-sharing network later.

According to a writer for The Verge who also used the Psychic Artist’s service, the TikTok users may be jeopardising their own success.

As the psychic is adamant that these “confidential” images “should not release to any other soul because the consequences could lead to an energy blockage of your aura and it will interfere with the connection” between you and your soul mate.

So, continue with caution if you don’t want your soul mate to become into another generic black-and-white caricature.

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