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Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Cross : T-Shirts



Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Cross

Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Cross: In Dodge County, Georgia, it’s difficult to find someone who does not stand for the national anthem or kneel to pray. That’s just the way things are.
Nobody anticipated a backlash when the Dodge County High School cheerleaders began selling T-shirts that stated, “In Dodge County, we stand for the flag, kneel for the cross.”
But, my goodness, did it make a mess.

Shirley Ikedionwu, a member of the Dodge County School Board, slammed the shirts on Facebook, calling them “politically divisive.”

Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Cross : Cross T-Shirts

Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Cross

“Not only is this shirt one-sided, but it’s also disrespectful,” she wrote. “I can’t fathom how our children would feel if they walked into a school that was intended to be friendly and supportive of students from all walks of life, beliefs, and viewpoints – but instead they were met with this type of exclusionary message.”

The proceeds from the patriotic tees were intended to go toward cheerleading competitions. However, this did not appear to quell the school board member’s rage.

Ikedionwu claimed that she personally called school officials to express her dissatisfaction.

She said, “At this point, the clothing will no longer be marketed.”

However, local individuals and companies became engaged and chose to sell the T-shirts outside of school.

“I’m standing because it has the American flag and the cross on it.” Nikki Mullis, the manager of White Hat Auto in Eastland, said, “Those are two things I will back any day of the week.”

Mullis tells Todd Starnes on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that people are phoning from all around the world to order shirts. They sent three jerseys to Afghanistan on Thursday.

She stated, “This ain’t just Georgia anymore.” “We are a community that comes together when anything happens.”

Amanda Parker, a credit manager, says she never imagined there would be a debate between Old Glory and the Lord in a million years.

She explained, “We are simply a small community in Eastman, Georgia, and we’re standing up for our Christian beliefs and what we believe in.”

However, the patriotic message triggered some people in the community.

“It represents the pain of black people being killed, beaten by police officers, and getting away with it,” one local told WMAZ. “As a result, some of us as black people have accepted it to be what it looks like to us.”

To be clear, there is nothing on the shirt that promotes police brutality in any way.

Bill Tripp, a local, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show, “I don’t see anything wrong with that shirt.” “The Bible Belt is well-known in the South. I’m not sure what you can stand for if you can’t stand for the flag or the cross.”

I’m sure there are a lot of people in Dodge County who would say “amen” to that statement.

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