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He Delivers Pizza and Is Stoned Comic Relief in “Stranger Things”

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Stranger things cast 2022: Eduardo Franco joined Netflix’s hit series this season and has played the role of the show’s witty, but always hilarious tension-release valve.

Lenora Hills’ “Stranger Things” gang is in serious danger. Shots are being fired and an agent is bleeding. As Eduardo Franco plays Argyle, the camera suddenly switches to a view showing Argyle driving up to the Byerses’ house as the reggae song “Pass the Dutchie”, blasts from his pizza delivery van.

stranger things cast 2022 : He says, “Byers man. Having a party but not inviting me, man?” “That’s not cool.”

stranger things cast 2022

Argyle is the group’s wheelman, who “smokes stinky plants,” according to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). His lighthearted energy offsets the dark forces that bedevil the gang.

Franco stated in a video interview that “Argyle delivers pizzas, and he sometimes dwells in the psychedelics.”

 “That’s the perfect combination, hot and ready food and a little tree.

stranger things cast 2022  is the show’s affable, but always hilarious tension-release valve. He was one of the most notable cast members in Season 4. Argyle is more than a stoner-pal stereotype. He adds a lot of heart to the story through his sweet friendship with Jonathan Byers, Charlie Heaton — although this sometimes involves them being stoned out.

Franco’s first major role was in Olivia Wilde’s come-of-age comedy, “Booksmart”, as a high school senior named Theo. He was recruited to code at Google. This performance was the catalyst for his current role in “Stranger Things” — Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler (in “Stranger Things”), saw Franco and suggested him the role.

Franco spoke from Biarritz in France where he was on a “stranger things cast 2022” branding partnership with Quiksilver surf culture label, which supplied much Argyle’s wardrobe. He was more shrewd than his character, but he was also funny and casual, enjoying f-bombs just as much as Argyle.

Franco spoke candidly about his inspirations and how he “marinated in the awkwardness” of being a show’s designated burnout. These are edited extracts from the conversation.

What appealed to your about Argyle?

It was great to be able to bring some calm and order into the chaos of the show. It can get very chaotic, so I was hoping that I could be a “let’s laugh at it now” person, since I’ve been feeling anxious for the last 45 minutes.

Are you influenced by any of the past movie stars?

Sean Penn’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is always at the back of my head. My original approach was to be completely blown out of the mind every time I saw Eduardo, the actor. I wanted Argyle completely clueless. When someone says, “Oh my God, Argyle! We gotta get out of this!” I’ll be like “Huh?”. But, I know that that’s not always possible for the energy and adrenaline in the scenes.

What is the age of the van in the show?

It was a touchy 80-something. This professional stunt driver taught me how to drive the van. I had never driven a stick-shift before, and it was difficult to learn. He was always there with me in the van, and hid in the car for any eventualities.

Did you find stranger things cast 2022  a particular scene that was fun to film?

stranger things cast 2022

My personal favorite was the dinner table scene. Eleven is upset. Mike is also worried. Joyce and Murray (played by Winona Ryder, Brett Gelman) lie about going to Alaska. Jonathan and I are both blown to pieces.

It was great to just sit there and enjoy the awkwardness. Charlie and I would sometimes stall when it came time to perform our lines. Then, we’d sit there and eat slowly, while everyone was waiting. It was funny, and it was great to get Brett and Winona laughing.

It’s a pleasure to go to work and make people laugh, whether it is the crew or the camera man. It was so natural to share the screen with Charlie, Finn, and everyone else.

What was the impact of Jonathan’s relationship to Argyle on the show’s dynamic and dynamics?

Jonathan is in pain. They became friends instantly because Jonathan needed a pair of ears and Argyle was there. Argyle is the kind of person we all want to be. He is completely free from judgment. He is there to have fun with his friend, Jonathan, and to listen to Jonathan.

Are you confident that Argyle can handle any danger?

Although I cannot tell you anything, I can assure you that he is out of his mind. Poor guy.

How has your life been changed by joining a global phenomenon such as “Stranger Things?”

When we were seated to watch the first episode of Season 4, I was so emotional that I started to cry in my chair. It was so dark that nobody could see what I was seeing.

It was overwhelming to be part of such a huge project. I hope that people will accept me as a new character in the show. I trust he will be able to serve his purpose and provide some relief from the madness.

Are you starting to be recognized in public?

Yes! One example: I rode my bike down the street last week to pick up some goods from a market when I arrived in France. My bike didn’t have brakes and I pulled up to pull over.

Then, as I was pulling up, I noticed this man pointing at me and laughing. He did two double-takes, and then he said, “You’re the guy in ‘Stranger Things.” I asked him, “What are you doing here?

He replied, “I came to buy some chocolate croissants, and an adapter to plug in my phone charger into the wall.” This was hilarious, considering how huge this show is.

This series is a great way to boost your career. What are your future plans?

Although I have seen a few movies, I dream of being in a movie that people will go to and where I am rocking people’s socks. Although I don’t know if this era has passed, I did just watch “Top Gun” and it was incredible. There is hope.

It would be great to get involved in creating these projects. But I don’t know how to do it all yet. I am still trying to figure this stuff out. Although I don’t know everything, we are all learning.


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