Synopsis for Pokemon Journeys Iris’ Return and Sobble’s Evolution In Japan, fresh episodes of Pokemon Journeys are being released, and fans are eager to see what’s next for our heroes.

With Ash determined to move ahead in Galar’s league, people are wondering what Goh is up to these days.

Fans know the boy’s Sobble is poised to evolve and then some, due to some new synopses.

Synopsis for Pokemon Journeys

Synopsis for Pokemon Journeys

When Pokemon Journeys released its latest batch of synopses, the whole situation came to light.

It was there that fan-translator Dephender sent over the English blurbs, and episode 62 is dedicated entirely to Sobble.

After meeting a fully evolved Inteleon on a trip, Sobble has made it clear that he wants to evolve into one.

The starter starts training like a madman to get closer to Inteleon’s level, but things go wrong as Sobble evolves.

He becomes stuck as a Drizzile, and Goh has to help his Pokemon get through it.

In Episode 63, Ash and Goh go on a real-life excursion to check out a popular TV competition.

The two will observe the Pokemon Water Obstacle Course in action, and Koharu will eventually participate in the competition.

She will not appear in episode 64, as Ash and Goh travel to the Hoen region.

Before episode 65 heats things up, the party will come across a dejected Absol there.

After all, Iris’ return to the anime is confirmed in the final Pokemon Journeys blurb in this collection.

In a one-on-one battle for the ages, the Dragon Master will face Ash’s Dragonite, and both trainers will be aiming for a new rank in the Pokemon World Championships!

What are your thoughts on the updated synopses? Are you looking forward to the release of these episodes in Pokemon Journeys?

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