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Taecyeon Girlfriend: Who Is She? All The Information You Need To Know About Her



Taecyeon Girlfriend: 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon revealed that he was dating a non-showbiz person in June 2020. The internet began to report the news after the couple were spotted together at a Ranch in Pyeongchang (Gangwon Province). Kpop Starz reported that Taecyeon’s record label 51K released an official statement shortly after. 51K stated that he confirmed the rumours in a statement.

He also said, “We are cautiously about revealing anything because it is his private life and privacy, especially since his girlfriend isn’t a celebrity like he”. Follow to get daily updates.

Who is Ok Taecyeon’s girlfriend?

Taecyeon Girlfriend

According to the report Ok Taecyeon, 2PM’s idol, is his girlfriend. This is his first public revelation in his 13-year long career. The girlfriend of the actor and idol is a professional office worker. They have been together for more than four years.


An old friend shared with the outlet that she didn’t put any barriers between her and Taecyeon, even though he was completing his military enlistment. She waited patiently for him.

The actor continued to be with her, as a normal couple would do during military service. According to the outlet Taecyeon has been open about his relationship with the woman, even though South Korean culture places a stigma on dating idols.

He has made her a big part of his life and even accepted it publicly. Many of his fans were happy for him when he revealed their relationship to the public.

According to various reports, she’s three years younger than 2PM members, so she’s now 29 years old.


Other than that, it is believed the woman works as an office worker. However, no information was provided about the company or the department she is currently working in.

Media outlets noted that they began seeing each other in 2017 after dating for more than three years.

A source in the industry also revealed that the actor had continued to share his feelings for his girlfriend even while he was serving in the military.

They enjoyed their relationship just as any couple would, even though the male is at base camp. He has been taking his relationship with her seriously, just like he did when he shared his first relationship news. According to Hype, their relationship is healthy.”


On the work front, Ok Taecyeon made his acting debut in 2010’s Cinderella’s Sister. can currently be seen in Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeobeen, Kim Yeojin, and Kwak Dongyeon are his co-stars. After each episode’s South Korean television broadcast, it is available on Netflix.

Taecyeon appears as Jun-woo, also known as Babo, Jang Han Seok (Babel Boss). Taecyeon has been entertaining his followers and fans with behind-the scenes clips with his co-actors.

Is Ok Taecyeon Still Dating His Non-Showbiz Girlfriend?

The actor, however, also addressed the issue and posted his own statement via social media. The South Korean heartthrob Ok Taecyeon shared his thoughts on the dating rumors via Instagram.

His statement apologised to “surprised” and “disappointed” fans.


He also promised to do his best in acting and music.

“I am aware that many people are concerned about me. “That’s why I want you to keep an eye on me, as I continue to try my best as an actor, and as a member, 2PM, just like I have done up until now,” he stated.

He expressed his deep gratitude to his fans, saying that they “cheer me on even though I am lacking in many aspects.”

Vincenzo is still with the same woman a year later. There were no rumors of a breakup or any other rumours.


The actor isn’t open about his private life, so it seems that the couple are very private about their relationship.

What’s Next for Ok Taecyeon?

The 33-year old actor has been a star in Vincenzo and is now starring in back-to-back KDramas.

After his K-drama with Song Joong Ki ended, Ok Taecyeon was cast in the historical series Joy alongside Kim Hye Yoon.

The OCN K-drama blindHa Seok Jin followed it and APINK’s Eunji.


He is now one of the main stars in the new movie Hansan : Rising Dragon.

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