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Tesla Model Pi: Release Date, Price, Features & Specifications

Tesla Model Pi

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Tesla Model Pi: There has a lot of talk about the Tesla phone. How probable is the possibility of a smartphone being created? Although no reliable sources have confirmed its existence yet, it got us thinking: What would the smartphone of the most valuable automaker in the world look like? Read on to know more about tesla Model Pi.

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When will the Tesla Phone be available?Tesla Model Pi

Tesla known for creating unique items are still in-brand. This includes a Cybertruck-inspired, all-electric car for children, an umbrella with their names imprinted on it, as well as a stainless steel whistle. Although it is not surprising to add a smartphone to this mix, its arrival is not as probable as those of the other goods.

We are skeptical that this phone will ever become available.

Most of the speculations are based upon adrstudiodesign’s early 2021 YouTube videos. However, they clearly mention that they are the designer’s thoughts and not actual Tesla specs or leaks. Most of the rumors that we have heard are based on this source.

We’ll get into more details below. The ideas for this phone Neuralink support or connection on Mars are advanced  practical right now. These features are not required for the first generation of the phone. However, a handset with them may still in development. When such ideas are introduced so early in the game, it’s normal to cautious.

If one of the distant side effects or goals of brain-connected technologies such as Neuralink is to eliminate all phones, it would a waste of labor to invest in a phone.

These arguments may not be convincing enough, but consider the following statement by Telsa’s CEO about the future of smartphones:

We will take Musk’s tweet to prove that these reports are false. Tesla could produce a phone in future but we don’t know why. We won’t be able to see this phone until 2030 if (and this is a big if) it is being secretly developed and all rumors are true.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

A phone equipped with the advanced technology described below would run several thousand dollars. Although subsequent iterations might be less costly as more people use it, we don’t expect the first one to be too expensive for most people.

If the phone is real (which we doubt), it will likely cost between $800 to $1,200.

Tesla Model Pi’s Pre-Order Details

Pre-orders could begin soon. We expect an announcement to made several months prior to the actual release. We don’t know when pre-orders will start for the Tesla Model Pi, as we don’t have a release date.

We’ll add any relevant links to pre-ordering if we find solid information about a release.

Specifications for the Tesla Phone

These reports are not surprising given Tesla’s extreme capabilities in its current products, like the Cybertruck’s almost impenetrable exoskeleton or bioweapon defense mode in some of its other vehicles. Read on to know more about Tesla Model Pi.

Here are the lessons we have learned so far:

1. Satellite internet: Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite-based internet service. Elon Musk, the CEO of both, has close links to Tesla. The Tesla phone could used to fund Mars colonization. This has Musk’s business goal since the beginning.

They would need to find a way to hide the large antennas satellite phones use while still providing decent service with such a small device. It could work in areas where Starlink bases are already present, such as a building, or, if necessary, a Tesla car equipped with the appropriate antenna.

This is not a crazy idea. Tesla manufactures solar panels and automobiles. Although it is unlikely that the phone will be completely solar powered, there may a Tesla-branded case that allows for solar charging.

2. Vehicle control: Tesla’s app for smartphones is available right now to perform basic automotive tasks such as unlocking and locking the car, controlling media playback, and summoning it.

If not already integrated into the operating system, this software will preloaded on your phone. This would allow you to access the lock screen and other buttons. The app will likely only be available for Tesla phone users.

3. Astrophotography: The current phones use AI and powerful cameras to help with night sky photography. This phone can take amazing images of the cosmos, thanks to SpaceX’s interplanetary concentraton, which will undoubtedly leak into it.

4. Crypto Mining: Another rumor says that the phone will mine bitcoin. It’s not surprising that Musk already spoke out about cryptocurrency, so it’s no surprise that he would want this capability built into a phone.

Although Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, Musk will likely prefer Dogecoin. Tesla’s phone is capable of mining a new currency called MarsCoin. Musk tweeted about this name. This would require some significant hardware to make it work.

5. Neuralink Support: Support for Neuralink The team claims to have “created the first neural implant that will enable you to control a computer or mobile device “… just by thinking about it.” Is Tesla’s first phone capable of this feat? Although an early version of the app may work on any phone, Musk owns Neuralink so it makes sense to have it here.

It is more likely that something milder than the initial release of Android will occur, such as the first four to five capabilities combined into an Android-branded version.

We’ll be waiting many more years if this phone is authentic and Tesla refuses distribution until implantable brain-machine interfaces have developed. Musk stated that the technology would be available to humans by 2022. However, because it originally intended to help paralysis patients, it will not be immediately accessible to all.

Specifications and Hardware for Tesla Model Pi

With this phone, anyone can make assumptions. Without reliable sources, it is impossible to know what the phone might look like inside. It would have all the usual components such as 512 GB up to 1-2 TB storage, 8-16GB RAM, and a 6.5 inch screen.

For the exterior, take a look at ADR Studio’s Tesla Model P concept drawings. This is the source for most of these reports. You can find many more high-quality renderings than those used in this article.

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