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The Devil And Karl Marx : Book ‘Reviews’



The Devil And Karl Marx

The Devil And Karl Marx: German-born founding father of Communism and Socialism, had a dark side, historians agree. Did he, on the other hand, truly worship the devil

Was he possessed in some way? “Thus Heaven I’ve sacrificed, I know full well… my soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell,” he said in a poem.

Dr. Paul Kengor, best-selling author of “The Devil and Karl Marx,” talks about his book on this edition of the Lighthouse Faith podcast.

 Book Name of The Devil And Karl Marx

The Devil And Karl Marx

He reveals the dark side of the man whose writings and economic ideas aided in the formation of totalitarian, atheist governments such as Soviet Russia, Communist China, and others… homicidal regimes responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people in the twentieth century alone.

What should worry us is that Marxism is at the root of today’s cultural movements such as Critical Race Theory, Critical Social Justice, and Black Lives Matter. “There were occasions when Marx seemed to be possessed by devils,” stated Marx’s biographer Robert Payne, according to Kengor.

He possessed the devil’s perspective on life as well as the devil’s malignity. Marx seems to be aware that he was carrying out horrible deeds at times.”

Marx was clearly no saint, but Kengor believes it’s strange that movements like BLM look to a man who was a racist and misogynist who sought to eliminate all social conventions such as the family and personal property for direction. If the creators of these groups understood Marx, he believes they would recognise how “the Devil is in the details.”

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