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The Final Scene of Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia

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Ginny and Georgia, the hit Netflix series, follows a mother and daughter duo. Georgia Miller, a 30-year-old single mother, and Ginny Gentry, her 15-year old daughter, move from Texas to Wellsbury. Austin, Georgia’s nine year old son, is along for the ride. They have been through many moves before and are used to starting over. However, Wellsbury is a new place for the Miller family. This was explored in the 12 through themes such as race, romance, and Georgia’s tendency for murder to those closest to her (except her children). Season two reveals the real reasons Georgia is such a force and how she wants Wellsbury to be different for her family.

The Ginny & Georgia season 2 finale opens one morning after Austin shoots Gil Timmins (Aaron Ashmore), in the arm. Although it is chaotic at the end of the second season, the final scene features something that no one would have expected to see in Georgia’s near future.

What happened exactly? Well…

The Shooting at Episode 8’s End

The Shooting at Episode 8's End

Episode 8 ends with a gunshot in idyllic Wellsbury. We find out the truth in episode 9, which provides more detail on episode 8.

Georgia Miller isn’t known for telling the truth, but Georgia said to Scott Porter that she only had one gun in her house. It’s not surprising that Austin fired a gun at Georgia. Episode 8: Austin discovers a gun underneath Georgia’s dresser. He puts it back when he hears Gil fighting with Georgia and abusing her in the kitchen. Austin does what he can think of and gets the gun. The gunshot.

He didn’t actually kill anyone, but he did shoot Gil in the arm and the wall of the kitchen. Georgia, being the strong woman she is, quickly deals with the matter. She grabs her sewing machine and stitches Gil. Ginny tells Max and Marcus to text them that it wasn’t a gunshot. She then asks Austin to draw a picture, which she and Max put over the bullet hole in their kitchen walls. Paul arrives home and is unaware of what happened. We won’t know why no one called the police when they heard the gunshot, but the Miller family is able to get away with it.

Georgia is going to prison

As if the gunshots weren’t enough, Gil is looking for money from Georgia. Specifically, Paul’s money Georgia will be able to access once she marries Paul. The PI hired by Kenny (Georgia’s husband’s ex) to investigate Georgia’s involvement in Kenny’s death is still sniffing around. Georgia is unable to handle the situation and decides to cancel her wedding and flee with her children to a different location. After Ginny discovers what her mother is up to, she convinces Ginny to tell Paul the truth. He learns everything, from how she stole his money to how the cute family photo he treasures on the kitchen wall was actually hiding a bullet hole.

Paul finds the situation too difficult and walks away. However, Georgia messages him to invite him to his office. Georgia arrives with a lawyer, a cop officer and Gil. Paul informs Gil that he won’t be receiving any of his family members’ money and that he can have access to Georgia and Austin only if he wins a custody battle. Paul knows that Gil does not want this because he is an ex prisoner and a former convict would get custody. This wouldn’t be a good look to a judge. Paul tells Gil that he still loves Georgia and wants to marry her after he leaves.

Ginny manages to arrange everything for the wedding (Georgia had cancelled everything due to fear). Georgia is then taken by Joe’s horse Milkshake to her new venue, town hall. Paul and Georgia get married. But, during their first dance, Alex Mallari Jr and Wellsbury officers arrive to arrest Georgia in connection with the murder of Cynthia’s husband, Tom Fuller. Episode 8. The man Georgia beat to death. You know what they say, if you don’t have the time, don’t do it. Georgia defended Cynthia’s crime, saying she did it for Cynthia because she felt that watching her husband suffer was too painful.

Georgia is eventually escorted from her wedding reception to The Dixie Cups’ “Going to The Chapel Of Love.” This leaves Ginny & Georgia season 2 as Georgia is driven off in a police car. This was definitely not the honeymoon Georgia had been hoping for.

Are Ginny and Marcus Back Together?

Are Ginny and Marcus Back Together

Paul and Georgia’s love story isn’t the last. Most couples during season 2 don’t make it.

Raymond Ablack and Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich), had a brief affair during season 2. It was something that we didn’t see coming. Their affair was a very needed thing for them both. Joe to let go of his long-lasting crush Georgia (it didn’t work) and Cynthia for some comfort from her husband, who was slowly dying at home. Although the affair ended quickly, Cynthia’s husband is no longer with her and Georgia could be on her way to prison. Maybe they will reunite. The writers are still teasing us about Joe and Georgia. Episode nine reveals that Georgia remembered Joe, but she refuses to confirm or deny that Joe was imagining romantic feelings between them.

Ginny Baker (Felix Mallard) was another couple to see the end. The episode ended with them splitting up and, despite signs pointing to a reunion in the final episode of the series, we never got confirmation. Ginny was shocked to learn that Marcus’s mental state is in serious decline after Max revealed it to her. We as viewers were able to see his inner monologues, and Ginny eventually realized that Marcus’s depression was the reason why he had broken up with Ginny. Although Ginny comforts Marcus at Baker House and acknowledges that they love one another, it’s not clear if they will be back together. We only get one sign that they might be back together, when Marcus said that he came to Georgia’s wedding because he wanted Ginny happy.

Marcus’ twin Maxine (Sara Waisglass) is the only source of romantic happiness. Max had been struggling with serious breakup blues for the entire season. Sophie, Max’s ex (Humberly Gonzales), wanted to meet Max to have a cup of coffee. Max was very toyed with Max’s feelings when Sophie admitted that she wanted to be friends again with Max. Max then drew a line, said she couldn’t and decided to go with Silver. This was the most promising case of romance. With Joe and Cynthia gone, Georgia heading to prison, and Marcus and Ginny in one of their lowest periods, there are very few chances of finding love with Wellsbury residents before the end of season 2.

Is there a Ginny & Georgia Season 3 coming?

The cliffhanger finale of Ginny & Georgia’s season 2 makes the third season a necessity. It is not clear if Netflix will fulfill this need. Netflix is known for cancelling shows that end on cliffhangers like Resident Evil, First Kill, and Partner Track. The high anticipation for the release of the second season and the manner in which the writers ended the show suggest that a third season is possible or already being considered by the writers. We will only know the outcome when it comes to this season.

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