The World Fittest Grandma Meet the 80-Year-Old Bodybuilder!

World’s Fittest Grandma: Ernestine doesn’t rely on supplements for her bodybuilding goals; rather, she believes in going natural and doing things honestly. Even at her age, she maintains a strict diet of 1,700 calories daily.

Sometimes you might feel like giving up and not doing things. You have multiple excuses – everything from feeling lazy to not having the motivation. Sometimes even cursing age plays a part! When taking the lift instead of climbing one flight of stairs, do you ever stop to consider that yes, your body is as adaptable as you make it; once that enthusiasm wears off and fatigue sets in, there will only be so far that can go until it reaches its limit? Keeping active at any age would ensure continued success!

The World Fittest Grandma Meet the 80-Year-Old Bodybuilder!

Ernestine Shepherd, 80 years old and world’s oldest body builder, proves just that! At 80 years old, her teeth may be falling out, eyesight dimming and ailments of life keeping them bound to their beds, yet here she is running marathons, building her body and developing muscles that would put Bhai’s fitness routine to shame! As both world’s oldest body builder and grandmom (hey! she’s 80!) Ernestine serves as motivation to millions who feel they cannot do anything with age as an excuse; yet she continues to inspire millions who think they just cannot do anything due to age-related obstacles. Her attitude inspires people around her – no excuses! With determination she keeps on pushing towards her goals regardless of what comes her way

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