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Tim Murtaugh : Trump Campaign’s Communicator Director



Tim Murtaugh

Murtaugh, the former Trump campaign’s communications director, has joined the Heritage Foundation

Tim MurtaughTim Murtaugh, the former Trump campaign communications director, is joining the Heritage Foundation and starting his own public affairs firm, according to Fox News.

Murtaugh, a prominent political operative in the 2020 election cycle, will join the Heritage Foundation as a visiting fellow for communications and a contributor to The Daily Signal, the foundation’s publication.

Murtaugh will help the Heritage team communicate conservative ideas and principles “effectively and strategically.”

To “advance conservatism,” he is expected to participate in media interviews and public events.


“Tim is someone I’ve known for over 20 years. He is one of the best communicators in the business, having worked as a reporter, state capitol bureau chief, and presidential campaign communications director “Kay C. James, president of the Heritage Foundation, spoke to Fox News.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has joined Heritage as a distinguished fellow, as previously announced.

Murtaugh’s role, according to James, will be “to provide guidance to the Heritage team on new ways to communicate our critical policy solutions to the American people, which is critical in convincing their elected representatives to support them.

And his decades of experience in government, politics, and reporting, as well as his sharp wit, will add a depth of perspective to his Daily Signal commentary that I am confident our subscribers will appreciate “James stated his opinion.

“It is a high honour to join such a respected group of thought leaders,” Murtaugh told Fox News.

“The Heritage Foundation has been driving conservative policymaking and steadfastly defending our principles for generations,

and it is a high honour to join such a respected group of thought leaders.”

“I’m excited to work with you as we continue to fight for the values that have made this country great.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Kay James and everyone at Heritage for providing me with this incredible opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Murtaugh established Line Drive Public Affairs LLC, a public relations firm.

Murtaugh is assembling a client list, which includes Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder.

Murtaugh has worked in state and national politics for more than two decades, including senior positions with the Republican National Committee, the Republican Governors Association, and numerous political campaigns.

Prior to joining the Trump campaign, he worked for US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue for two years in a similar position.

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