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My Hero Academia Fans React to Invisible Girls Toru Hagakure Face Reveal



Toru Hagakure Face Reveal: While revealing Yuga Aoyama as the traitor in My Hero Academia was unexpected, the disclosure of Invisible Girl’s face was equally so.

After a relatively modest role for most of the series, My Hero Academia’s Invisible Girl, aka Toru Hagakure, has become an important part of the manga’s plot in recent issues. Initially, most of the focus was on whether she was the long-rumored U.A. High School traitor.

However, after implying to readers that Toru was the traitor, the manga pulled a classic “bait and switch” storyline, showing that Yuga Aoyama was the genuine traitor to many in their midst.

How to reveal Toru Hagakure face for girls

Toru Hagakure Face Reveal

Toru’s claim to fame appeared to be fading at that point, and she was on her way back to obscurity as a supporting character. However, what occurred afterward thrust her back into the heart of the My Hero Academia debate.

When confronted by Deku about his betrayal, Aoyama lashes out, launching a navel laser blast at Deku. Toru, standing next to Deku, intercepts the blast and redirects it with her light refracting skills. While her defensive maneuver is nothing out of the ordinary — and what fans have come to expect from Class 1A members — what was unexpected was that the light refracts in such a manner that it partially reveals Toru’s face.

This is the first time fans have seen a peek of Toru’s appearance, even if it is fragmentary, since Invisible Girl was initially introduced 330 chapters earlier in the manga. Supporters did not hold back in revealing their true feelings at the announcement.


Because the face was only partially revealed, many fans wondered what a sharper, more complete face depiction might look like.

Others took advantage of the partial face reveal to create their own fan art depicting what a visible Toru may look like.


However, not everyone was impressed, especially because the announcement came so soon after it was revealed that Aoyama was the traitor. Making two major announcements simultaneously, in other words, dilutes the impact of both.


The reveal was anti-climactic to one fan, and another attempt by manga artist Kohei Horikoshi to overcome the reactions that Toru was not the traitor despite all evidence to the contrary. To be sure, during the majority of the manga’s run, the traitor was widely considered to be Toru.

According to this theory, the fact that she was invisible and her training in methods to improve her invisibility made her the ideal All for One minion. Who knew where she was at any given moment?


Nonetheless, most My Hero Academia fans were thrilled and delighted by Toru’s appearance. Indeed, as one fan put it, the discovery rekindled his interest in the manga.


Naturally, now that her face has been exposed, the next question is whether or not fans will be able to see it again, perhaps in a more complete and clearer form. Showing more of Toru Hagakure’s Invisible Girl would undoubtedly improve the popularity of My Hero Academia, based on the overwhelming support and excitement caused by the first glimpse of her face.

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