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Trump Cartoons: A Political Outsider, Billionaire



Trump Cartoons: The presidential election of 2016 was full of surprises. Donald Trump, a political outsider, billionaire, and reality TV personality, first won the Republican presidential nomination from a crowded field of candidates, then defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college, but not the popular vote, to become the 45th president of the United States.

Trump Cartoons a political outsider, billionaire

trump cartoons

Political cartoonists from throughout the United States succinctly depicted the happenings and their views (through humor) in the opinion sections of their newspapers in the 18 months leading up to Election Day, which was reported in the media on a daily basis.

Democracy’s cornerstone

As election day approached in 2016, this cartoon expressed fear that the election of real-estate billionaire Donald Trump would pose a threat to the country’s democracy and values, as Lady Liberty, who welcomes immigrants to our shores, was on the verge of being toppled by his sledgehammer.

Defending Freedom

The Statue of Liberty is concerned that Trump poses a threat to the country and should be held accountable for his predatory behavior toward women, as evidenced by the “stop Trump” sign located near where he boasted in a 2005 “Access Hollywood” interview of grabbing women under their dresses and probing their private parts just because he could.

We Need Trump’s Tape

During the 2016 election campaign, an “Access Hollywood” video from 2005 surfaced in which Donald Trump spoke openly and gleefully about sexual acts he has committed against women. This cartoon is in response to the appearance of that tape.

Locker Room of Donald Trump

The “vulgarity” one is currently in use, with “lying” in Trump’s other hand, ready to go. This cartoon depicts Trump as a locker room bully (in “Trump’s America”), hitting an irate Uncle Sam with towels. Other weapons to deploy against Uncle Sam are “misogyny,” “racism,” “conspiracies,” “bigotry,” “hatred,” and “scams,” which are either ready to use or have already been used and are on the floor.

Put her in jail.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin compliments Trump on his election bombast in this cartoon from October 11, 2016. It is eerily similar to the strongman, former KGB intelligence officer who has imprisoned leaders of opposition movements in his own nation.

Trumper, Evangelical

This cartoon mocks Trump supporters by exposing their hypocrisy, claiming that supporting a politician who has lived a life contrary to their professed ideals (in order to secure conservative Supreme Court choices) is effectively a pact with the devil.

Endorsement by the Republicans

Election campaign ads must include a statement identifying who is behind the message, which is frequently found at the end, with the candidate expressing his or her name and the words “I approve this message.” This political cartoon depicts Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential contender, approving of her client’s widespread scorn from his own party.

Excuses from Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a number of excuses to the media for his performance in a September 2016 debate against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, including some lies about the event and subsequent surveys on how he did. The comic also addresses the problem of Flint, Michigan’s poisoned water cover-up.

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