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Top 10 TV Shows With Mediums Someone Likes To Let Go When He’s Away



TV SHows With Mediums

TV Shows With Mediums: It can be difficult for loved ones to let go when a person passes away. As a result, individuals may seek closure from a spirit medium who claims to be able to communicate with the dead. While this practise is controversial, it has shamanic roots and was popularised in the nineteenth century.

10 TV Shows With Mediums To Watch If You Love Long Island Medium

TV SHows With Mediums

Spirit mediums are still popular today, with to reality series like TLC’s Long Island Medium bringing them into the spotlight. Theresa Caputo, who gives readings for many people, is the star of the show, but she isn’t the only spirit medium with their own show. In fact, fans of Long Island Medium might love the following series.

Monica The Medium (Monica)

Freeform chose to produce their own spin on the spirit medium sub-genre of reality shows with Monica the Medium, promoting themselves as the television provider for a young population. Monica Ten-Kate, a college student who is also a spirit medium, hosts the show, which debuted in 2016.

She also has her own YouTube channel, which she started a year after the premiere of her show. Monica, like Theresa on Long Island Medium, wants to use her self-proclaimed gift to help customers find closure with their lost loved ones. Skeptics have reacted negatively to this, but this should not deter viewers from seeing the presentation if they want to witness what a younger spirit medium is like.

Medium in Hollywood

When it comes to channelling spirits, mediums will allegedly employ a variety of techniques. Touching an object that belonged to the deceased is one approach used by spirit medium Tyler Henry on his reality show Hollywood Medium.

Tyler lives in Los Angeles, as the title suggests, which has prompted numerous celebrities to seek him out. In addition, his show airs on the E! Network, which is known for focusing on celebrities and the like. He even made his debut appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, one of their other reality shows.

Long Island Princesses

Princesses: Long Island is the perfect programme for those who think Long Island Medium could have utilised a little more drama and less psychic components. It is set on Long Island and follows the lives of six young ladies in their late twenties.

These women, all from Jewish families and members of the Boomerang Generation, seek to find the ideal guy and marry so they may leave their families’ homes. It debuted on the Bravo network in 2013 and ran for one season.

Psychic Children

Though there have been many fictitious children with psychic talents in film and television for decades, there are allegedly real-life ones as well. At least, that’s what Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, an A&E Network reality show, asserts. Overall, the show has gotten mixed reviews.

He visits children who are reportedly clairvoyant and helps them come to terms with their powers, starring Chip Coffey of Paranormal State fame. He’ll be joined by Edy Nathan, a professional therapist, Kim Russo, a spirit medium, and Chris Fleming, a well-known public lecturer on the paranormal and psychic phenomena.

Mama Moderate

Following the popularity of Long Island Medium, TLC decided to produce Mama Medium, a similar reality show. Jennie Marie is the spirit medium who is focused on this period, which is set in Rochester, New York rather than Long Island.

Jennie claims to have empathic powers that allow her to communicate with nonverbal persons, such as disabled people, in addition to speaking with the deceased. What distinguishes this show from Long Island Medium is that it focuses not only on Jennie’s readings with various clients, but also on her personal life. Skeptics have panned the show, as they have past shows of this type.


Unlike the other shows mentioned in this page, this one is a fictional series. However, it is based on the alleged real-life experiences of Allison DuBois, a spirit medium.

Medium is a film set in Phoenix, Arizona, about Allison (played by Patricia Arquette), who works as an intern for a fictional county’s district attorney while using her psychic skills to assist law enforcement in solving crimes. She has three daughters, all of whom have the same abilities as her, as well as a spouse. The show first aired on NBC and subsequently CBS in the mid-to-late 2000s, and it lasted seven seasons.

Psychic Seatbelt

Nothing out of the ordinary happens when you ride with an Uber driver or someone from a similar service. But what if one of these chauffeurs turns out to be clairvoyant? Then there’s Seatbelt Psychic, a Lifetime series with the same premise.

The show stars Thomas John, a self-described spirit medium with celebrity clients, who picks up passengers as part of his present ride-sharing work and gives them readings on the spot. The series now has one season under its belt, with a second season’s possibilities undetermined.

Ghosts of Celebrities

A good ghost storey, whether true or not, can be quite entertaining depending on one’s mood. In fact, in the reality show Celebrity Ghost Stories, the A&E Network chose to take this notion a step further by having celebrities talk about ghost-related events.

The way it works is that while the celebrity narrates the narrative, the show will cut to dramatic reenactments of the event with eerie musical accompaniment on occasion. There is now a spin-off named The Haunting Of with plans for a sixth season to be released in the fall of this year, bringing the total number of seasons to five.

Lockdown on the Ordinary

While most ghost-hunting series have the investigators stay at a haunted site for at least one night, TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown extends the stay to three days. During that period, paranormal investigator Nick Groff and researcher Katrina Weidman, another contestant on the reality show Paranormal State, employ various technology to investigate the possible presence of spirits in the area they’re in.

The show premiered in 2016 and lasted three seasons before being cancelled. This was despite the show’s popularity, which makes the cancellation puzzling. However, Higgypop claims that Paranormal Lockdown was cancelled owing to show politics.

Long-Forgotten Relatives

A missing relative, whether alive or not, might feel like a ghost to those who remember them. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, locating them might be difficult and even costly, especially when it comes to procedures such as DNA testing.

Fortunately, reality series like TLC’s Long Lost Family ostensibly aid in this regard, depending on one’s point of view. It’s based on the British show of the same name, and it features professionals assisting those who have been searching for long-lost family for months or years. This three-season show is hosted by television celebrities Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner.

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