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All 7 Types Of Devil Fruits In The Franchise, Ranked



Types Of Devil Fruits

Even though there are only three wide (varieties) Types of Devil Fruits, they can be further divided into several subtypes, resulting in seven classes.

In the universe of One Piece, Devil Fruits are the most excellent power source. Individuals who consume these fruits get enormous power in exchange for the ability to swim. The skills granted can be of the Paramecia, Zoan, or Logia varieties, the rarest of all.

All 7 Types Of Devil Fruits In The Franchise

Types Of Devil Fruits
Although there are only three significant sorts of Devil Fruits in One Piece, they may be further divided into a number of subtypes, totalling seven classes, each distinct in its way.

 1. Type of Paramecia

The Paramecia kind of Devil Fruits has a wide range of abilities, the majority of which allow the user to manufacture a substance from their body or alter something in their environment.

There are also a few Paramecia-type Devil Fruits, like Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi, which totally transformed his body into rubber. The Paramecia types have a wide range of abilities, and they’re also the most prevalent Devil Fruit class in One Piece.

2. Types of Loans

Certain fruits, known as zoan types, bestow animal-like abilities on those who consume them. These fruits provide users with a significant boost, particularly in terms of fighting prowess. Those that obtain animalistic abilities gain the capacity to recover faster and attack more effectively, as expected.

A human form, a beast form, and a human-beast form, often known as the hybrid form, exist for each Zoan kind. While it comes to combat, the hybrid form is thought to be the best, and Zoans are especially useful when battling others in close quarters. Their physical abilities, as well as their perseverance, are unrivalled.

3. Types of Logia

Users of the Logia type of Devil Fruit are highly unique, and they are the most rare of the three types of Devil Fruit. They provide the user the ability to transform into an element or a force of nature, as well as the ability to manipulate that element. Portgas D. Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi, which converted him into fire and granted him the power to manipulate it freely, is an example of the Logia kinds.

In the Paradise side of the Grand Line, Logia types are frequently thought to be invincible, but the New World sees them differently. Regardless, they have a significant amount of power that the other two varieties in the storey can’t equal.

4. Loans that aren’t real

Artificial Zoans are Devil Fruits of the Zoan type made by humans, such as Caesar Clown and Dr. Vegapunk. The Devil Fruits have appeared in the series on a few occasions. The majority of the fruits in this category are SMILEs that, if successful, transform a bodily part of the eater into an animal.

Momonosuke ate an Artificial Devil Fruit produced by Drm Vegapunk, and the fruit transformed him into a dragon.

5. Loans from the past

Ancient Zoans are a subclass of the Zoan type of Devil Fruits that transform their consumer into an Ancient monster, such as a dinosaur. Even among Zoan kinds, these Devil Fruits are exceedingly rare and are regarded as unique.

As one would expect from Ancient Zones, they have tremendous power and endurance. An Ancient Zoan can accomplish everything a regular Zoan can do, but better. Carnivorous creatures, such as Page One of the Tobiroppo, are considered more dangerous among the Ancient Zoans because they become even more powerful when bloodthirsty. Wano Country has offered a slew of Ancient Zoans to enthusiasts.

6. Zones of Legend

Mythical Zoans are the rarest type of Zoan, and their fruits are even rarer than the Logia types. They turn their eaters into Mythical beings. Sengoku’s Buddha, Marco’s Phoenix, and Kaido’s Dragon, among others, are mighty Mythical animals.

Besides allowing the user to transform into these creatures and their hybrids, Mythical Zoans also have intriguing special powers. Marco can heal from any injury using rebirth flames, while Sengoku can create shockwaves.

7. Paramecia unique

Special Paramecia is a subclass of the Paramecia Devil Fruits, and as the name implies, they’re pretty unique. So yet, only Charlotte Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no Mi has appeared in the series as a Special Paramecia. Despite being a Paramecia type, his fruit allows him to transform into Mochi and achieve intangibility similar to that of a Logia type, which distinguishes it from the others.

Oda may go into Special Paramecia in the future, although his knowledge of the class is limited. Nonetheless, as its one and only user demonstrated throughout the Whole Cake Island arc, it is incredibly potent.

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