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Unique Shower Curtains: Its’s Types and Details



Unique Shower Curtains

Unique Shower Curtains: The state of affairs, But one don’t have to spend a fortune redesigning, tearing down the floors, and repainting the walls if you want to change that.

Sometimes all it takes is a few cool bathroom accessories to liven up the space and make it more lively, colorful, and interesting.

A one-of-a-kind shower curtain is that something. Not a dull one, but one that has been chosen with care and effort to fit the preferences. Make the bathroom a room to be proud of.

Top 79 Unique Shower Curtains

Unique Shower Curtains

To assist you with this challenging endeavor, we’ve produced a comprehensive list of the coolest shower curtains we could locate; hopefully, one or two will catch your eye

1. Super Kitty Cat Shower Curtain

It is without a doubt one of the most unusual shower curtains you’ve ever seen. Why? That’s because it includes a superhero kitty. It would look fantastic in a mostly white bathroom, as well as in a bathroom that already has grey, turquoise, or red in it.

2. Bloody Hand Print

Take a peek at this one if you appreciate eerie yet somehow cool shower curtains. Perfect for any horror movie fan who wants to brighten up their bathroom with some color and fun (a debatable choice of words).

3. Elephant Shower Curtain (Comic)

Use this amusing shower curtain as a statement item to brighten up a boring bathroom. The exquisite features and funny artwork will bring life to any area. It’s a terrific method to keep your visitors entertained while also making them feel at ease.

4. Jellyfish Photography by Medusa

It is one of those one-of-a-kind shower curtains that don’t rely on flashy colors and patterns to stand out. This stunning high-detail jellyfish on a basic black backdrop will transform your bathroom into a work of art.

5. Buddha

It’s the ultimate zen-like addition to your bathroom space, with its image of Buddha adjacent to a calm water body. It exudes a sense of calm, which is ideal for unwinding after a long day at work.

6. Froggy

Take a peek at this green beauty! This bright and cheerful curtain is ideal for everyone who likes cartoons and cute characters, making it suitable for children and adults.

7. Shower Curtain

Creative shower curtains might truly surprise you from time to time, and this one does. Sloths are frequently depicted in an adorable, amusing, and occasionally mocking manner. On the other hand, this watercolor design attempts to convey it in a lovely and tasteful approach.

8. Waterfall

If you want to create a more realistic photo setting, that’s fine with me! This shower curtain will instantly put you in the mood to shower and will make you feel as if you’re bathing near a beautiful waterfall.

9. Scene of a Nautical Boat

Boats, boats, boats! I exclaim as a fan of the How I Met Your Mother series. But, in all seriousness, here is another amusing example of creating a “watery” mood in the bathroom by using authentic images.

10. Baseball Stitch

Anyone who sees this fantastic baseball shower curtain will immediately know a lot about you. You are a baseball enthusiast, for starters. Two, you have excellent taste in shower curtains that pay homage to your enthusiasm without being obnoxious.

11. Scene with a Crazy Bear and a Shark

With one of these crazy amazing designs, you may give your bathroom a whimsical makeover. It features a gorgeous sea environment with a mad grizzly shark surfer. It’s a terrific motivation to start each day with a positive attitude.

12. Orchid Flower

This lovely shower curtain features a detailed macro image of an orchid to brighten up any bathroom. Do you know someone enamored with orchids and flowers? You already know what to get them for a housewarming present.

13. Crab Shower Curtain

This incredible shower curtain contains a stunning realistic crab that contrasts with the background’s color tones. In any bathroom, this will look fantastic.

14. Frida Kahlo

These are the ultimate homage to art enthusiasts all over the world. It brings the image of one of Mexico’s most beloved artists to life. They convey a tale to anyone who will listen, and they come in a variety of iconic designs!

15. Wild Horse

It is a simple and simplistic interior element that will give your bathroom some personality. If you don’t want your bathroom to be overrun with colors and you adore horses, this is the perfect gift for you.

16. Grumpy Ostrich

If you’re looking for unusual shower curtains and a little extra inspiration to get out of bed in the morning, then…

How about a cranky ostrich peering condescendingly into your soul from your shower curtain?

Yes, it will give you such a critical look that you will want to make him proud of you right now. Self-help books and training aren’t necessary.

17. Feathers

Take a look at this one if you’re seeking a unique Shower Curtains. Beautiful feathers on a white background will go wonderfully with a rustic-style bathroom while also providing some color.

18. Ginger Cat

One of these lovely kitty cat drawings will cheer up a cranky morning person. It’s a lovely gift for any cat lover, and it’ll brighten up even the drabbest of bathrooms.

19. Customized Shower Curtain with “Your Photo Here”

Look at this if photography is your passion and you have the perfect photo in mind that you’d like to display uniquely. Print it on a shower curtain instead of putting it in a frame!

20. Nautical Anchor

This basic but lovely design would appear natural in any bathroom. With this nautical motif, you can’t go wrong!

21. Silhouette of a Woman

Feeling lonely in your home and want to give it a feminine touch? Why not start with this seductive shower curtain, which not only adds a feminine touch to the bathroom but also gives you a woman stroking a shower curtain? For starters, I believe that is sufficient.

22. Periodic Table

These one-of-a-kind shower curtains are perfect for any geek. It would make a great present for any Big Bang Theory fan. Alternatively, it provides a delightful approach for school-aged children to learn the periodic table entertainingly.

23. Get a Naked Shower Curtain

Let’s face it, you do have to get nude for the shower, but if anyone needs reminding, this design is there to serve as a reminder.

24. Design of a Vintage Mid-Century Phone

Oh, how I long for the days of old telephones. They were large and unwieldy, produced amusing noises when you dialed a phone number and could be dragged around the flat. They always appeared to be so edgy and funky in retrospect.

25. Design of the United States Flag

It appears that the artwork on the curtain has been somewhat modified to make the colors pop and make it look vintage and rustic. However, it would look fantastic in any bathroom.

26. Zombie Shower Curtain | Unique Shower Curtains

Here’s a unique piece to scare the living daylights out of your visitors. The ominous zombies and blood trail are enough to make you scream every time. But make sure you’re ready to save them as soon as possible.

27. Rodeo Shower Curtain (Vintage)

These are the coolest shower curtains for you if you think the stuff with old newspapers is cool. Let’s get this party started! Newspapers from the past, a rodeo, and a little yellowish background. In a dimly lit rustic washroom with brown wooden walls, I can already see it.

28. Beach Scene with Palm Trees

Add a splash of color to your bathroom, or choose this beautiful pattern to match your bathroom’s color palette. Turquoise is a popular color this year.

29. Eames-Inspired Retro Design

If you like retro-modern design and want a funky shower curtain that will not only complement your bathroom but also tell a lot about you, you’ve found it. For someone who enjoys modern art, this Eames-inspired design will be ideal.

30. Jasmine Flower

Let your imagination go wild with this natural design and turn your bathroom into a refuge of peace and tranquility. The vibrant colors and natural setting create a wow factor for everybody who enters the venue.

31. Rustic Beach Sign

It is one of those fascinating shower curtains that makes a unique connection to water. It blends retro font art, a beach theme, and a blue color scheme on an aged wood background. Both a rustic and an industrial bathroom would benefit from this.

32. Marble In Gold And White | Unique Shower Curtains

How about this one if you’re seeking abstract motifs that will bring refinement and chic to your bathroom? This lovely macro image of white marble with gold accents would be ideal for any bathroom with a lot of light colors.

33. Top Hatted Steampunk Owl

Is there anything cooler than a white owl wearing a top hat and wearing steampunk-inspired cog jewelry? No? No, I don’t believe so. The stark contrast of beige and black only adds to the design’s beauty and sophistication.

34. Reflection Scene on a Mountain Lake

If you like a shower curtain with realistic photos, how about a vista of lovely mountains? Choose a unique bathroom design and utilize it in a space with a lot of dark hues. It will add a splash of color without looking out of place.

35. Meow Cat in Black and White

For any cat enthusiast who enjoys sleek and minimalistic cat depictions on any surface. This is for you; it merely has a black-and-white silhouette of a cat on it and will look lovely in any bathroom.

36. World Map in Color

This one has a global map, a faux paint texture, and a lovely color scheme. Simple, cool, and one-of-a-kind. That’s exact what one wanted. It would look fantastic in a well-lit bathroom with light wood accents.

37. Skull & Roses

Were you looking for a more gothic and hipster approach? But in bright, cheerful colors? Here’s a skull in a beautiful flower crown made of roses, a great addition to any modern aesthetics enthusiast.

38. Pink Flamingo

Have you ever seen a flamingo up close and personal? Its feathers have the most stunning shade of pink I have ever seen, which is very hard to replicate. These cool shower curtains give it a try and look at the breathtaking result! It will add an unconventional twist to a simple black-and-white bathroom.

39. Nautical Compass

It is another fine example of a modern, hipster, and simple shower curtain. The overlapping arrows sign has been one of the main design trends, and it remains a very nice decorative piece of Design design. Combine it with a navy blue color, and you have yourself a winner.

40. Japanese Woman

If you are looking for a design made in an oriental style or are interested and fascinated by Japanese culture, then this is for you.

41. Purple Leaves | Unique Shower Curtains

It will add some color to a simple white bathroom. If you’re not a fan of bold and want simplicity, then here you go.

42. Deep Blue Sea Designs

These lovely Designs offer a glimpse into the wonders of the underwater world. The stunning artwork showcases a variety of highlights from this mysterious space. It offers the chance to turn your bathroom into a stylish retreat.

43. Medallion Fabric

These unique shower curtains come in different color schemes. But whichever you choose, it is bound to be an eye-catching piece of interior design. And you will instantly want to touch the interesting burlap-like fabric that it’s made out of.

44. Oriental Hokusai Shower Curtain

It has to be one of the coolest shower curtains on the market, which will add some style to any bathroom. Any enthusiast of far-eastern art will enjoy the high-quality waves printed on this Hokusai curtain, making your shower calm and inspirational.

45. Frida Kahlo Shower Curtains | Unique Shower Curtains

Anyone who loves this amazing Mexican artist will surely fall in love with this shower curtain. The picture of Frida is presented in a very modern, minimalist style, which is also full of color. That will surely add a lot of originality to your bathroom and maybe even expand your artsy side.

46. The Rhino And Cardinal

This hand-made shower curtain is just stunning. If you like nature and your style are rather modest, you will enjoy the big, black and white picture of a rhino. But to add a bit of spice to the picture, a little red cardinal bird is sitting on its horn. All of that blends into a beautiful curtain for any bathroom.

47. Sharks Silhouette

Anyone who dreams of swimming with the sharks will love this Design design. The sharks on this curtain are printed as dark silhouettes, making the curtain more stylish and less in-your-face. Additionally, you can always scare someone who is taking a shower, so that’s a plus.

48. When Life Gets Tough

Even though this has a punching bag and boxing gloves printed on it, it’s not only for fighting enthusiasts. The motivational quote that goes with it might be pretty useful during your morning shower.

49. Snoopy Space

Anyone who loves silly shower curtains will not be disappointed with this one. It shows a beautiful star-spangled night sky that we all know and loves. But on the bottom sit two beloved characters – Snoopy and Charlie Brown, admiring the view. Both pictures blend well to make one awesome Design design.

50. Love Quote Shower Curtain Available In 36 Colors

We all know some great people, and a few of them will surely love this curtain. Colorful, lovely, and a little crazy personality are needed to hand this bright shower curtain all about one message – love. Isn’t that all we need?

51.  Anatomical Human Heart | Unique Shower Curtains

You have to either have a very strange and original sense of style or love medicine and everything around it. If you fit one of these categories, your heart will skip a beat when you see this awesome design.

52. White Laced Gray Ribbon

This hand-made shower curtain just screams style. But it screams it very delicately and in a distinguished way. The white curtains will fit into every bathroom, and the laced accents will only add composure and balance. One word comes to mind: neat. Find It Here

53. Sea Shell | Unique Shower Curtains

Anyone missing summer on the beach might want to invest in this shower curtain. But don’t worry, it’s not a cheap picture of a beach but an artsier one of a sea shell on a classy, black background. Just don’t expect to hear the sea when pressing your ear to it.

54. Boho Chic Style Feathers

This hand-made feather design is not only pretty and cute but also very stylish. The black and white, modest feathers have a nice, calming effect, great for anyone who doesn’t like overpowering colors or flashy pictures.

55. Ivory Black Octopus

The yellowish background adds some vintage, rustic style to your bathroom. Then there’s the octopus. It’s big but drawn in a very detailed, high-quality way, so it actually blends perfectly with the background. It would go great with some wooden accents in your bathroom too.

56. The Thinker

Funny shower curtains don’t get any better than this one. Everyone is turning into The Thinker after a while on the toilet. But it’s certainly not the silhouette you are expecting to appear in the shower. Anyone seeing this will know never to come into the bathroom when you’re taking a shower for sure. Find ItPrince” Art Design

The late Prince is an iconic artist who was loved by millions. If you are one of them and just love his style with a pinch of the 80s, you will love this curtain. The face of Prince is printed in bright, fluorescent dots, which then blend into the background. It’s a stylish and funky addition to your bathroom that will never get boring.

58. Lucite Green and White Deer

This hand-made Design design will surely find many admirers. It’s not only printed in a beautiful, calm shade of green that will look great in any light bathroom. It also has a delicate, white silhouette of a deer on it. Who doesn’t like a good deer, am I right?

59. Personalized Nautical Scene Shower Curtain

I never knew that you could personalize a shower curtain. But apparently, you can! Add your name to this nautical-themed shower curtain and feel like a captain of a ship every time you are in the shower. Yeah, it might be a bit of a geeky shower curtain, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cool.

60. Vivian Thistle

This one is light blue which goes well in every bathroom. In addition, it has a meadow of fall flowers printed in black and white to add some style.

61. Vintage Style “Hello Sailor”

May any man who doesn’t love vintage pin-up girls raise his hand. I can’t see any. That’s why you can’t fall in love with this stylish shower curtain with a pin-up girl saying “Hello sailor” seductively. Beware, you can admire but don’t get too excited.

62. Magenta Elephant

Grey shower curtains might fit just about anyone’s bathroom. But what if you want something more original to showcase your colorful personality. Well, you can get this curtain with an awesome magenta elephant printed on it. Yes, it is one of the coolest shower curtains ever indeed.

63. Fashion Heels

Some girls just can’t get enough of their shoes. But there are certain situations when having heels on is impossible. That used to be taking a shower, yet not anymore, thanks to this shower curtain. It’s very stylish, which a girl will love and has a pair of shoes on it, which she might love even more.

64. Drift Wood

Do you love swimming in the ocean like a narwhal but find yourself waking up in a gloomy city and going to work soon? Well, now you can have a beautiful ocean view as one of the first things you see in the morning, during your shower. It will not magically transport you to your dream destination but might just give you that positive push you need.

65. Mermaid And Treasure Chest

Do you still dream of being a pirate, even as a respected grown-up? Well, if you have a shower in your bathroom, you can feel like a pirate any day. Hop in, get the water hot and live your dream of finding a pirate treasure guarded by a beautiful mermaid.

66. Peacock On A Unicycle Retro Shower Curtain

Have you ever seen a picture so random that it actually becomes captivating? You just spend your time wondering about the whats and hows and whys. Well, here’s a beautiful peacock sitting on a unicycle. Take of it what you will. But you can’t deny that the shower curtain looks extremely beautiful.

67. Grumpy Loch Ness Monster

If you’re looking for funny and unique shower curtains, then this one will not only make you chuckle. It will also make you sympathize with the poor Nessie that has to put up with the bagpipes when she just wants to listen to some music in peace. It looks like someone is about to become Nessie’s lunch.

68. Purple Pineapples

Who has a pineapples shower curtain under the sea? If it wasn’t obvious, this was a very poor reference to Sponge Bob. I tried. But, hey, these funky shower curtains look so fun that you just want to sing silly songs all day long.

69. Retro Hippie Blue VW Bus

If you like groovy and hippie-inspired items, you’ve probably seen this iconic image of a blue VW bus. We even showed the tent that looks exactly like such a bus. Well, now you can also have a shower curtain that looks cool and funky, but also stylish and unobtrusive, thanks to the photographer’s skill.

70. Rural Autumn Scene

If you are one of those people who enjoy a peaceful stroll down the park under an autumn sun, then you can at least take a walk down memory lane by looking at this one. Look at the beautiful autumn scenery every day while getting ready for a shower.

71. Abstract African Zebra

This beautiful Design design effortlessly mixes contrasting colors and a zebra pattern to create something that you could as well hang on the wall in a picture frame. The sepia, turquoise, and dark mustard colors will add chic and value to any bathroom.

72. Star Wars Cartoon Characters

The balance of probability says that you might be. Then take a look at this adorable shower curtain that has all of your favorite characters happy and content, something that doesn’t happen too often in the movies. If you’re looking for nerdy shower curtains, you can’t go wrong with Star Wars.

73. Beware Of The Cat

If you want your shower curtain to stand out and also warn your guests about your cat’s tendency to unceremoniously intrude on any activities that involve turning the water on in the bathroom, then this is the perfect one for you.

74. African Savanna

Gonna take a shower to take me away from you! Or, if you are not into the 80s songs, then you can just hum “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” under your breath every time you enter your bathroom. Don’t be surprised if, after every shower, you’d get a certain craving to watch The Lion King.

75. The Kraken

If you have always wanted to be justified to shout “Release the Kraken” but never had an opportunity, then here’s a treat for you. This cool shower curtain makes your bath look like there’s a giant octopus that lives in there, so feel free to refer to him as “Kraken” at any time.

76. Asymmetric Bohemian Mandala

This brings out the beauty of the Bohemian Mandala design, making use of a brilliant blend of color and a remarkable assortment of geometric patterns to achieve an impressive finish second to none.

77. Mermaid

The underwater sea theme is by far one of the most timeless trends, and the mermaid shower curtain is a prime example showcasing this. It brings to life the mythological appeal of the mermaid transforming the bathroom into a haven of beauty.

78. Dream Catcher Skull

This one boasts a simple design, yet the choice of vibrant colors and floral patterns make it outstanding. Its blend of rustic and modernistic features works perfectly to make it a remarkable masterpiece.

79. BohoChic Mandala

The Bohemian Design on this shower curtain is unique in that it makes use of only three colors to achieve a finish that is simply superb. This makes it the perfect choice for a laid-back and demure personality.

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