Venom vs Thanos

Venom vs Thanos: If the MCU had been a little bigger, we might have seen one of these comic heroes take on the Mad Titan!

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe was plainly altered in a significant way. Spoiler alert: many of your favourite MCU superheroes perished in the dust. The Mad Titan annihilated some of Marvel Comics’ most adored characters with a snap of his finger. It was a sorrowful day, and for others, it was difficult to sleep at night. Despite this, Thanos is not a man who will be finished after this.

16 Superheroes Who Could Venom vs Thanos

Venom vs Thanos

He’ll also have to keep heroes from attempting to affect the outcome. Is it possible for them to change it? The MCU will have to wait until next year to respond to that question. Unless you’ve already read ahead and seen Infinity Gauntlet. But don’t tell anyone, you don’t know anything! Right? Nothing!

When it comes to Thanos, the facts are plain. He’s a badass, and despite having some good intentions, he didn’t think through a lot of his acts. Is it possible that there are too many people? Why not use the gauntlet to create inexhaustible food supply for the universe? We know, it’s surprising that no one mentioned it earlier in the film.

Thanos is known as the “Mad Titan” for good reason. He believes he is doing the right thing, but he isn’t. What you have to figure out is how to stop him. Who will be able to stop him?

We’ll look into that in this list. We’ll go through 5 MCU characters who have the potential to defeat Thanos and will almost certainly face him in Avengers 4. We’ll also look at 20 other comic heroes who could be able to defeat Thanos, and we’re not just talking about Marvel here. Enjoy!


In the comics, a lot of people have defeated Thanos, but it wasn’t an easy task. When Nova and Star-Lord faced the Mad Titan, they discovered this the hard way. Both Star-Lord and Nova are tasked with defeating Thanos in the Cancerverse in the Thanos Imperative storey arc. We understand that it isn’t the most appealing name. The premise is that they are both powerful enough to prevent Thanos from leaving.

They need to plug a hole in the outer wall. In order to achieve it, the two must sacrifice themselves in the Cancerverse. Nova is clearly a formidable opponent on his own.

He is an expert fighter with superior strength, speed, and agility. He also has incredible stamina, allowing him to take a shot and come back for more. Nova also possesses energy projection abilities, which, if nothing else, can keep Thanos contained. Overall, Nova could defeat Thanos by herself. The more assistance employed to defeat Hitler, the better.


Cable has the ability to travel through time. This means that even if he loses, he’ll know how to beat Thanos the next time they face off. But that’s not all he’s capable of. Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryer, a Jean Grey clone. Some of his mother’s abilities, such as telekinesis and telepathy, he was able to acquire. (Thanos possessed similar abilities in the past as well, but not in the same way as in the MCU.)

While his techno-organic virus is partially capable of slowly taking over his body, it aids him. Surprisingly, it seems to improve everything. He is extremely powerful, quick, and nimble. He, like Nova, has a lot of stamina.

Thanos would never be able to defeat him in a one-on-one fight if he used all of his might. Add in his ability to influence items around him and his ability to enter Thanos’ head, and you have a major menace. Even if Thanos defeats Cable, he still has the technology to go back in time and change the outcome.


Adam Warlock will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. There have been enough hints regarding his appearance that even a blind person could figure it out.

He hasn’t arrived yet, though. When he arrives, he may prove to be a valuable asset to the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. After a while in the comics, he demonstrated his talents, but none more so than when he defeated Thanos. Warlock was able to outsmart Thanos with the help of a few allies. This alone should be regarded as enormous.

In the Infinity Gauntlet storey arc, Adam discovered that if he gave in a little and complimented the Mad Titan, he could manipulate him. He persuades Thanos that he is so powerful that he doesn’t need some of the features the gauntlet offers.

Eventually, he’d give up some of his invulnerability during this conversation. He takes advantage of this and plans the full onslaught that will defeat Thanos in this tale. By the end of it, Adam had put on the Infinity Gauntlet himself.


He has taken her friends and the love of her life from her, and he has done so in the most heinous manner possible. This will not be forgiven by her. Thanos’ time is running out.

Scarlet Witch, as we all know, had to kill Vision in order to destroy the Mind Stone before Thanos could steal it. She has no choice but to end her relationship with the love of her life. Thanos uses the Time Stone to have her relive the event, after which he terminates the Vision and takes the Mind Stone.

The Scarlet Witch is one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful characters. She has the ability to bend reality to her will. Indeed, she once declared “no more mutants” to the whole mutant race.

Her chaos magic may be the key to defeating the Mad Titan. Nobody can expect Wanda to sit back and not want to kill Thanos. The problem is that she has to do it while avoiding her own death and escaping Lady Death’s grasp. Scarlet Witch has the ability to do so.


Green Lantern, the first DC character to reach the list, has the power to destroy Thanos. The question should be how badly he could defeat him, not if he could defeat him at all. We know they possess a cosmic force that Thanos is incapable of defeating. The Guardians of the Universe provide Green Lantern with his abilities.

They appear to be all-knowing, and as the ring is fueled by them, they seem to know almost all there is to know about the universe. They also created a ring that can aid any Green Lantern in a variety of ways.

The ring can give the wearer tremendous strength, allow him to phase through objects, build numerous objects out of pure energy, and allow him to use his ring as an energy conduit.

To face this, Thanos has only his gauntlet and incredible strength. He can use the gauntlet to modify reality, steal souls, and much more. His universal laws, however, may not apply to a Lantern. Especially since, if we’re being precise, he doesn’t exist in the same universe as us.


Since her first appearance, Rogue has had a lot of things happen to her character. Rogue’s main talent is the capacity to absorb other people’s skills.

Her ability allows her to absorb their memories, personalities, and physical features. The latter is contingent on her ability to hold on for an extended period of time.

She held her breath long enough for Magneto to get the grey/white hair strip. Her abilities are extremely valuable against Thanos. She can hold on to him and take his memories and life force if she touches him in any way.

If she hung in there long enough, she might be able to defeat Thanos. She could literally hold on long enough to take his life and absorb his abilities for a long time. Though Thanos doesn’t have a lot of abilities and relies on the gauntlet for much of his damage, the power he does have is easy to take. It’d also be interesting to see whether Rogue could absorb some of the stone’s abilities while Thanos had them. That would be unbelievable.


In Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America did battle with Thanos at one point. Given another chance, it appears doubtful that he would not do so again.

The strangest thing is that Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is done with the franchise after Avengers 4. However, we do know that a Phase 4 Captain America solo film will be released. However, others feel Steve Rogers’ time as Captain America will come to an end with Avengers 4.

With a fight to the death against Thanos, it would be easy to write him out of the MCU entirely. As of today, there appear to be a slew of rumours indicating that this is indeed the case. However, with so many scripts floating around, it’s impossible to be certain. After Steve Rogers dies in the comics, Bucky Barns takes over as Captain America. However, it’s unlikely that Disney will want Evans to disappear entirely, and he could be replaced by another character, such as Nomad. A fight with Thanos may very well bring us in this path.


Charles Xavier, like Cable and others in the mutant reality, has the ability to manipulate both his mind and his surroundings. The telepathy and telekinetic powers are obviously valuable, but Xavier’s Omega-Level connection is what sets him distinct. An Omega-Level mutant is one of the most powerful mutants ever discovered. Surprisingly, compared to the thousands of mutants known in the Marvel universe, there are just a few of them.

Xavier’s ability to manipulate minds and go into people’s heads will aid him in his fight against Thanos. His high level of mutant strength is likely to be the most beneficial in this situation. Xavier could enter his mind and manipulate him into giving up the gauntlet and imprison himself. Charles Xavier is the only person who has the ability to influence Thanos without ever raising a finger.


What is it that Thanos possesses that Wonder Woman does not? She’s as strong as he is, if not stronger. She can even fly, which Thanos is unable to do. She also has bracelets that can protect her from a variety of threats.

Insider tip: those bracelets, which are basically power reducers, actually help her control her power. She could always remove them if she genuinely needed to demonstrate her power. Another factor that isn’t taken into account is that, while Thanos fancies himself to be a god, he isn’t.

Wonder Woman is a demi-god in disguise. However, only another God could put an end to a God. Because of this, Thanos will never be able to defeat Diana.

Because of her speed and strength, she could take the gauntlet away from him, and he’d be a fraction of what he was against the Avengers. He might be able to knock her out long enough for her to flee, but that’s about all we can hope from the Mad Titan. Thanos, on the other hand, appears unlikely to be able to achieve anything due to her incredible longevity and power.


In keeping with the Gods theme, Odin can be regarded one of the most powerful. Odin is a god who is akin to the Christian or Jewish God. Clearly, he wields enormous authority.

In reality, in the books, Odin had before faced Thanos and beaten him. We could see this conflict if the MCU brought Odin back to life (which may happen thanks to the time travel theory we’ve read about).

In the Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25 comic, Odin fought Thanos. It’s worth noting that this is the first time we’ve seen Odin’s true power put to the test. We saw glimpses of his extraordinary abilities, but nothing significant. The two engage in what appears to be an endless conflict. Finally, Odin triumphs and is hell-bent on annihilating Thanos before being persuaded to show him mercy.


Ka-Zar is a one-of-a-kind character in the Marvel Universe who has previously encountered Thanos. In fact, he’d do it in an innovative way in the Ka-Zar Volume 2, #7-11 comic.

Ka-Zar must choose between preserving his homeland and annihilating Thanos in this tale arc. For some, this is an obvious choice, but for others, it is not. Thanos has arrived in the Savage Land to take the Terraformer, and Ka-Zar must prevent him from doing so. In recent years, Ka-Zar has also been able to start a family.

On top of that, he has to think about them. He realises that a fight with Thanos can be beneficial, so he engages in one and even throws him into a volcano. He eventually realises he has no choice but to surrender and leads Thanos to the Terraformer.

He takes the bait since he knows the Mad Titan will want to get there anyway. Ka-Zar then orders an airstrike from S.H.I.E.L.D., and he and Thanos are both blown up at the location. The land is uninjured as a result of this, so Ka-Zar rescues the land he loves at the cost of his life.


Thanos has instilled a great deal of rage in Nebula, and every ounce of it can be traced back to Thanos. He tore portions of her flesh off and replaced them with machine components every time she lost a match to Gamora or failed him as one of Thanos’ offspring.

It was a form of torture, so no one could blame her for hating Gamora at first. In recent stories, she develops feelings for her adopted sister, but Thanos sacrifices Gamora for the Soul Stone.

You could argue Nebula is considerably more irritated than she was before, therefore it appears highly likely that she will face Thanos in Avengers 4.

Nebula is the character in the Infinity Gauntlet plot who helps stop everything from happening. She removes the gauntlet from his wrist and reverses the alterations.

This means we’ll probably see something similar in Avengers 4 at the very least. We won’t see anything exact because Nebula received assistance from folks who aren’t part of the MCU in her attempt to take the gauntlet. However, it’s reasonable to expect Nebula to face the Mad Titan at some point and act as a catalyst in his demise.


Squirrel Girl is a fantastic character who belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite her abilities, she is highly popular and frequently neglected. Many people saw what she was capable of when she faced Thanos and defeated him, which most people thought was unexpected. Squirrel Girl is sometimes misunderstood as someone who solely communicates to squirrels and possesses some of their powers. That isn’t really the case, though. While she can communicate with the animal for whom she is named and has a tail like them, she is much more.

She possesses superhuman strength, agility, and senses. Her knuckle spikes retract and her claws are razor sharp. It’s no surprise Thanos misjudged her during the Great Lakes Avengers X-Mas #1 storey arc.

She battles a slew of mad trees and Modok with the help of The Watcher and the Great Lakes Avengers. When she fights Thanos, the outcome could be rather startling. Squirrel Girl’s hand was raised in a combat with the Mad Titan, which no one expected to happen. It’s possible that it’ll happen again.


When it comes down to it, Jean Grey will always be one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel Comics when she possesses her exceptional abilities and has The Phoenix Force on her side. On its alone, the Phoenix is a tremendous force capable of destroying an entire planet. While Thanos has been known to know and use telepathy and telekinesis, he is not like as competent as Jean Grey in this area. Jean has the ability to match Charles Xavier’s Omega-Mutant level qualification on her own.

It would almost be unfair if we added The Phoenix. We have a probable Omega-Level telepath on our hands who is capable of causing significant damage on her own. Now we’re going to add The Phoenix to the mix? In the comics, this is an almost God-like entity that has taken over a few humans, most notably Jean. Regardless of who is linked with the force, it is always capable of causing enormous damage. We don’t think a fight with Thanos would be close.


Robert Reynolds (Sentry) is an intriguing and captivating figure. His origins can be traced back to the same super soldier serum that gave birth to Captain America. Weapon X, on the other hand, would alter it. Sentry, it turns out, is a sentient life force from another universe. He is merely an Earth refugee. The serum would assist with the transition to this one. This life force possessed incredible abilities. Though the full degree of his power is unknown, we do know that he has consistently exposed a number of powers.

He is superhuman in terms of strength, speed, and endurance. He also has increased senses, light manipulation, telepathic powers, transformation, intangibility, and other abilities. He also has the ability to fly. He once battled Galactus to a draw, nearly shredded a female Ultron, and shattered Doctor Doom’s shield. Several have God-like abilities…or some other extraordinary cosmic capacity. Sentry, on the other hand, could be called one of the best. He has no chance against Thanos.


In an almost unavoidable turn of events, it appears that Thor will be pitted against Thanos in Avengers 4. We know that in Avengers: Infinity War, he was forced to create a weapon that would aid him in defeating the Mad Titan. He was also on the verge of completing this. However, due to the gauntlet, it appeared that using the weapon would be extremely tough. Thor is a God-like entity in the same way as Wonder Woman is. As a result, when it comes to power and endurance, Thor is right up there with Thanos.

The “God-Killer” weapon he was able to obtain in the Infinity War film will give him the upper hand. The Infinity War film incorporates several ideas from the Thor #25 comic. At least in terms of Thor’s part in the epic. One of them is the weapon that is being created. In this comic, it was Thor who triumphed. If we go with the angle set up in that particular comic, Thanos will be defeated by Thor. He did, however, require the Illumination Stone, Map of All-Ending, Chalice of Ruin, and tears from Tarene, the Asgardian Godness. That was before Thanos even had the Infinity Stones.

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