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Walmart Brawl – Walmart Customer Brawl Caught On Camera



walmart brawl

After a shopper allegedly spits on a Walmart employee, a brawl ensues

walmart brawl

Walmart brawl : According to frightening video, a Walmart employee took hands-on customer service to a new level, violently cold-cocking a client in reprisal after the consumer allegedly spat on him.

A 14-second video posted to Facebook late Tuesday shows a Walmart employee and a customer in a fierce shoving struggle.

When the male customer attacked the service worker with his cart, striking him once, the altercation swiftly escalated.

The customer then appeared to lunge forward and spit on the worker, causing the latter to knock him out cold with a single punch, according to the video.

“Walmart Englewood ain’t playin today,” said a caption next to the video, without commenting on the incident.

Meanwhile, viewers of the video instantly pointed out the disparity in size between the Walmart employee and the customer.

“Wow, that just goes to show you should never judge someone by their size,” one response read in part.

Others, though, argued that the knockout hit was a cheap shot, pointing out that the consumer looked to turn away as the enraged employee approached.

One man wrote, “It’s easy to knock a guy out when he doesn’t see it coming, especially to the back of the skull.”

Others accused the decked man of faking his spectacular fall, referring to it as a “flip” akin to soccer players diving for a penalty call.

The actual location of the occurrence is unknown. According to his Facebook profile, the individual who submitted the video lives in Englewood, a neighbourhood of Chicago.

The retail behemoth does, however, have a facility in Englewood, Colorado, where an Academy Bank branch can be seen briefly in the clip.

On Friday, a Walmart spokeswoman told The Washington Post that the firm was seeking to learn more about the in-store brawl.

“We’re looking into it,” spokesman Casey Staheli said, adding that the location of the violent altercation was not immediately known.

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