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Wandavision Memesa : 10 Hilarious Scarletts That Will Make You Look Like You



Wandavision Memesa

WandaVision’s Memesa release has given me a new appreciation for the MCU’s storyline. These Scarlett Witch and Vision memes are hilarious.

With the publication of WandaVision, fans have gained a new appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s storytelling, as Scarlet Witch and The Vision have become fan favorites. The two were well-liked before the T.V. show, but their popularity has surged due to it.

Wandavision Memes ten hilarious scarlet witch and vision memes

Wandavision Memesa

Fans have created memes that reference the show’s events and the two characters in general, as their exploits in WandaVision have been brought to light. Some of them respect the show’s sad premise while taking a lighter approach to things. Others merely focus on the comic part and are worth checking out in equal amounts. Spoilers may be present.

The Show Makes Fans Laugh Out Loud

Scarlet Witch and Vision’s relationship has been characterized by pain in various ways, as the two rarely have time to be happy. This is alluded to by this fan via a comical clip from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which at the very least adds fun to the relationship.

The vision was funnier in WandaVision than he had been in previous appearances, which is due to Scarlet Witch fusing this version with her love of comedy. It’s astonishing how their relationship can be both hilarious and painful at the same time, but that’s how it goes.

WandaVision introduced a new version of The Vision, White Vision, which was activated by the show’s end. This has led fans to believe that the situation is similar to that depicted in a meme from the 1960s Spider-Man series.

The two Visions were set up for a great fight, but it turned into a war of wits instead. While this was a welcome departure from the norm, it resulted in fans mocking the concept of two Visions in general.

That Disney Convergence

There were a lot of expectations for the WandaVision finale, but few people expected to see a sequence that reminded them of the Incredibles. This happened when Scarlet Witch and Vision linked up with their children to form one colossal action family.

The developers may or may not have intended for this kind of comparison to exist, but it turned out to be a very cool similarity that’s impossible to overlook once it’s noticed.

Vision is unafraid to tell it how it is.

Although Vision, in general, is someone built out of physical material, Scarlet Witch developed the WandaVision version of Vision out of her kind of chaos magic. After the T.V. series, there should be no doubts about it, because Vision was such a sweet romantic interest.

Any lady would be blessed to have Vision as a boyfriend, as this tweet notes out, especially when he’s made of that substance. In some ways, the entire WandaVision series serves as confirmation that Scarlet Witch and Vision’s romance was meant to be.

At the very least, she was given a costume.

Scarlet Witch’s costume was a secret until the end of WandaVision, and only comic book enthusiasts knew about it. The MCU now including it has become increasingly popular among mainstream audiences.

If Wanda is looking for a silver lining, look no further than this tweet, stating that she can finally wear this suit. Even though she has lost Vision her children and is once again on the run, acquiring the case may be the best news she has received.

Wanda is still concerned.

The T.V. show left viewers with a lot of unanswered concerns, but at the very least, Scarlet Witch is someone who cares about the planet. After all, when you have magical abilities, who else would make the effort to quarantine themselves?

WandaVision ended with her fleeing to a distant location, where she made sure to remain in seclusion, possibly due to Covid-19’s concern. This fan believes that this is the case, presenting Scarlet Witch in a more favorable light.

So That Was Mephisto’s Debut

Fans were so excited for this appearance that they researched Mephisto’s abilities to learn more about him. Because this didn’t happen in WandaVision, a fan assumed Scarlet Witch and Vision were aware they were being observed all along.

The joke is that the couple realized they were being watched by the audience, with Scarlet Witch alleging that the onlookers were Mephisto.

Given that fans got to see Scarlet Witch and Vision as parents in a fantastical setting, the absence of Mephisto may not have been that horrible after all.

Wanda, learn to stand up straight!

Scarlet Witch’s different gestures have made her a favourite for meme creators, and the characters in the MCU all have certain characteristics that one associated with them. This one emphasises how frequently she tilts her head back.

This has gotten to the point where it’s impossible to ignore it any longer, especially because she’s done so in both cinema and television. Someone should probably follow T’Challa’s advice and get her a spine so she can stand up straight.

Wanda Isn’t a Helpful Person

WandaVision covered so many genres that even shows that aren’t part of the MCU are worth watching. Few will, however, contain a protagonist as sluggish as Scarlet Witch was in the early episodes, when she refused to help or be aided for a long time.

Wanda was channelling the same energy as SpongeBob Squarepants, according to this tweet, in that there wasn’t much energy to begin with. Of course, it turned out that the government wasn’t the good guys after all, but this meme holds true for more than half of the season.

That Basically Sums It Up

If Scarlet Witch had been on social media, she would have probably posted something like this. What’s funny is that it would have rendered WandaVision’s entire events obsolete, as people would only need to check her status to figure out what was going on.

On the other hand, she didn’t actually have Vision in the trunk until the final episodes, thus this post could be an attempt by S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward to discredit her.

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