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Waving American Flag

Students, pro sportsmen, and Olympic hammer throwers are offended by Cubans flying American flags, according to Greg Gutfeld

Waving American Flag

Waving American Flag : Being a college student in America is perplexing.

And not just because you paid tens of thousands of dollars to be dumb. With a hammer, I could accomplish it for free. But I’m joking.

It’s difficult to be a college student in America. The United States of America is the land of the free and the home of the courageous. Pizza with a cheese-stuffed crust is also available.

Carbs are the largest threat to college students. It’s one of the few places where you may lament inequity while transforming your ass into a portable ottoman.

There’s also a campus crisis centre with plush pillows and emotional support llamas if someone treats you badly.

You could now consider yourself fortunate. But if you do, no one will agree with you.

According to their teachers, America is clearly the worst place on earth, and they rate the entire country based on what they learnt from their professors.

Every year, a tenured daisy chain of hatred regenerates, spawning a new privileged class of activist brats who believe colouring their hair purple is a daring political stance.

As you may be aware, protesters in Cuba have been seen flying our American flag in recent days.

That’s strange! Because it isn’t a Cuban flag. It’s our national flag!! And that’s so xenophobic and uncool! Do the Cubans have any idea what they’re doing? Our pupils, professional athletes, and Olympic hammer throwers are offended!

I mean, it’s possible that Cubans regard it as a symbol of liberty, but how would they know?

Campus Reform spoke with college students at the Capitol and inquired about their reactions to seeing the flag.

Ophelie Jacobson: When you see the American flag, what is the first thing that springs to mind?

Student: I’d like to believe it reflects the union of all individuals, but there is plainly not one among us. There are numerous structural injustices.

Student: Honestly, with all the riots and such, what has been going on in the country?

Student: I believe that the flag is a symbol of America, and that America has done some bad things in the past, which is part of our extremely complicated history.

Student: I’m sorry, but I’m ashamed. I felt like having the American flag and being connected with the American identity made me a target for prejudice, racism, and sexism. And it’s not something I particularly enjoy thinking about the American flag symbolises.

It’s a symbol of pain, says the student. I am an African-American woman. My ancestors contributed significantly to the development of this country. It’s a contentious issue.

Wow, I tallied 432 likes in 52 seconds, and I could feel my head fading. Right now, I’m feeling incredibly stupid. I’ve now grasped Seth Rogan’s allure.

As a result, the students prefer to focus on the country’s faulty past, despite the fact that it currently has universal suffrage, equal legal protection, and the Gutfeld show.

But, okay, what about the flag? It’s most likely just a swatch of fabric!

Do you think that signifies freedom, Jacobson?

Student: I don’t believe it is as free as people believe, and at the end of the day, I believe it is just a piece of cloth.

Student: I believe it did once, but I’m not so sure today because of everything that’s going on.

I believe we were once free, but there are so many new rules and so many new things that I’m not sure if that is still the case.

It’s almost as though we live in a jail state. It’s like Shawshank Redemption, but with more student loan debt and less digging.

Here’s a hint: if America were repressive, it wouldn’t enable its most fortunate inhabitants to despise it.

But I get – seeing Cuban demonstrators adoring something you despise must be difficult to comprehend. Why are you acting in this manner? What’s more, why are they vanishing?

Jacobson: What makes you think they’re flying the American flag in all of these places?

Student: I mean, we’re not a socialist administration, so I’m not sure why they’re waving the flag. Actually, I’m not sure.

Ophelie: Do you believe they’re waving it because it’s a symbol of democracy and freedom?

Student: Yes, it could be the case.

Ophelie: Do you know why these folks are waving American flags in foreign countries?

Student: That’s an excellent question.

So, if the American flag isn’t their banner, why would a Cuban fly it? It could be a wish to have the same rights as us. To vote and to demonstrate. To use mum and dad as sponges while getting high before noon. Who can say?

However, I suppose the flag isn’t a great representation of equality and opportunity. Perhaps they should try a different flag?

Jacobson: Do you think there is another flag they should be flying instead of the American flag when you see all these protesters flying the American flag?

Perhaps to symbolise more liberty and democracy? What other country should they be looking at, in your opinion?

Student: What about Sweden? In terms of equality, certain European countries are clearly doing better than others.

Student: If they’re attempting to represent equity, I’d go for France or Switzerland!

Student: Why is it necessary for it to be a national flag? Isn’t it possible that we’ll be waving the equality flag?

It doesn’t have to be nationalistic, in my opinion. We shouldn’t place any country on a pedestal, in my opinion.

Student: What country is that, when there isn’t even a prison system?

Isn’t it true that they have a very low crime rate? What is the name of that country?

Is it true that there is a country without a prison system? Please add me to the list. I mean, I know that in our liberal-run cities, there is no longer a jail system; instead, the thugs are simply released back onto the streets.

However, I believe Canada is superior. Canada, for example, does not even have power.

But, once again, how can pupils make sense when our own media and politicians blame the United States for the world’s problems? Trump is most likely to blame for the situation in Cuba.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC: COVID has shattered their economy, in addition to the Trump sanctions.

Should we look for methods to help the Cuban people and ease some of Trump’s remittance restrictions?

As a result, we should relax the policies that could lead to the end of a dictatorship.

She has no idea how she gets to work every morning. And I ask since I know she works from home.

Of course, AOC blames the United States for the Cuban crisis, and who can blame her?

That’s how she’s known. She blames US policy when she spills a glass of wine, gets a cavity, or can’t find her belt in the morning.

She blames America’s history while ignoring Communism’s current state. She’s like Congress’s Nike.

Should we be concerned when college students fail to recognise how our country inspires so many individuals who aren’t as fortunate as these kids? Let’s take a look at the enraged White dude.

Angry White Male, Tom Shillue: *singing and prancing across New York City* You’re a magnificent old banner, a high-flying flag, and may you wave in peace forever.

You’re the symbol of the country I adore, the land of the free and fearless.

How did he avoid being assassinated?

To summarise, I believe it’s simple to mock those who take our flag for granted. They’re young, stupid, and terrified. That is the genuine truth.

It’s not a case of insanity. It’s a fear thing. They are well aware of the consequences of speaking out against the official anti-American rhetoric.

At their most vulnerable, you can label, censor, and cancel them. It’s the ideal brainwashing tool.

So asking them about the flag is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, I suppose.

Except in this case, the fish would argue that it is superior to living in America.

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