Asta Demon Form

Black Clover Asta: Learn about the Anti-Magic spell Black Asta, which allows the Magic Knight to channel Anti-Magic through him and cover his body with it.

Who is Asta really in Black Clover?

Asta is the main character in the Black Clover series. He was raised as an orphan in a church in the town of Hage. He’s a member of the Black Bulls and the Royal Knights, as well as a wielder of the 5-leaf clover grimoire. He’s a Junior Magic Knight of the 3rd Class.

Asta Demon Form

Asta Demon Form and Powers Explain

The Clover Kingdom Magic Knight learnt about the strong demon Liebe who lived inside a five-leaf Black Clover grimoire when it was presented to 15-year-old Asta.

Asta could employ this Grimoire of Despair in his battles against adversaries and other supernatural foes, allowing him to manipulate and wield Anti-Magic at the expense of letting the Demon to take his right arm.

Asta was eventually able to harness Liebe’s energy through a spell that let him to be boosted by Anti-Magic while it covered his body, changing it into a hybrid human-demon form.

Liebe survived agony in the demon world by living with a surrogate father till his demonic tormentors terminated the arrangement, prompting Liebe to promise revenge on all devils and acquire his own Anti-Magic powers.

Initially supporting Asta in his battle with the vengeful Revchi Salik, Liebe’s abilities grew stronger after Asta’s experience with the Witch Queen lifted the restrictions on his Anti-Magic.

After failing to entirely take over Asta’s body, Asta used the demon’s darkness to create his Black Asta form, but he would later relinquish control of his right arm in exchange for more of the Liebe’s help in a Devil-Binding Ritual.

The Black Asta sharpens his mind and clarity while enhancing his strength and speed and gives him the capacity to fly by entering the form with a level of concentration that makes him vulnerable to assault.

Because the form is drawn to strong magic, it requires little control, which might be an issue when it drags him away from his opponent. Another prominent impact of the Anti-Magic covering part of his body is the metamorphosis of his right arm into pure black magic, the sprouting of a black wing and horn on his right side, and other alterations such as his right eye turning crimson in its slit-like pupil. Asta would gain better control of the form over time, boosting his power, especially with any of his Anti-Magic weapons, despite the fact that using it places a huge physical drain on him.

Asta’s most powerful spell, it appears that the more magic he absorbs, or if he is overcome by malice, the Anti-Magic eats more of his body, taking on a more demonic look. As he grows more horns, his canine teeth get longer, his fingers and toes become claws, and another, smaller wing arises on his left side, along with an arrow-tipped tail.

While the Black Asta does not shield him from all magical attacks, it is a valuable asset to the 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight and his demon, with whom he has a good relationship after agreeing to an equal contract.

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