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Who is Ernest Khalimov? AKA GigaChad – dead or still alive? It is a Fitness Trainer and Modal



Who is Ernest Khalimov

Who is Ernest Khalimov Memes have popped up on more than one occasion, bringing people unexpected fame. That is no longer the case with Ernest Khalimov, alias GigaChad, who has received so much praise for his excellent features and chiseled physique that his very existence is being questioned.
According to reports, Ernest is the man’s Instagram handle, berlin.1969, with roughly 600,000 followers.

He appears to be a Russian fitness trainer and model, and he is reported to be 52 years old.

Who is Ernest Khalimov?

Who is Ernest Khalimov


According to HITC, Ernest’s debut photo was released in October 2017, but his origins may be traced back to 2015, owing Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis’ work.

For her project Sleek’N’Tears, Krista began photographing male bodybuilders and female models.

It wasn’t long before the Internet became aware of a model’s physical characteristics.

He has continued to become a meme superstar since then.

According to USA Today, Chad is a slang name for a highly beautiful or confident male.

Since his photograph first surfaced online, netizens have been fascinated by Ernest’s “hyper-masculine” mentality and “excellent” appearance.

It generated a rush of online memes mocking the model’s claim to be GigaChad, or “Ultimate Man,” as described by the Urban Dictionary.

This viewpoint appears widely held, with some even debating if the model is accurate or just a sophisticated CGI creation.

This is because there are no videos of Ernest on the Internet, other than a few photos.

Many other models appear in the Sleek ‘N’ Tears YouTube video, but Ernest is the star of none of them.

“GigaChad” is likewise inactive on the Internet and is said to be uninterested in brand partnerships.

As a result, the “people from Chad” myth lingers on.

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