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Who is the 8th Hokage: Predicting The Next One after Naruto Uzumaki



Who is the 8th hokage

Who is the 8th hokage: Naruto Uzumaki, now an adult, serves as the Hokage of Konoha Village in the Boruto series. But which characters are deserving of being cast beside him in that role?

Who is the 8th Hokage?

Sasuke is the shadow hokage, according to Naruto, and there has been no 8th hokage in the legal sense. Answered: Who is the 8th Hokage of Konohagakure, and when was he appointed? Sarada Uchiha is a fictional character created by manga artist Sarada Uchiha.

Who is the 8th hokage

After Naruto Uzumaki, who should be the next two Hokage in the Boruto series? Naruto’s ambition has been to achieve the renowned title of Hokage inside his village since the beginning of his journey.

Naruto finally overcame his loneliness and rejection by defeating Pain, but it wasn’t until the end of Naruto: Shippuuden that he took over as the official leader of the Hidden Leaf, succeeding former sensei Kakashi Hatake and following in the footsteps of his father, the Fourth Hokage.

Even after being knocked unconscious by his own daughter, Naruto managed to miss his inauguration. The Boruto sequel series gives us more insight into Naruto’s rule as Hokage of the village, even though it largely consists of his sending shadow clones to help him with daily work and spend time with his family.

It’s only natural to think that when Naruto’s reign as Hokage comes to an end, his son will take over the mantle. After all, the current series is named after Boruto; surely he’ll become Konoha’s new big shot? Boruto is also a more naturally gifted ninja than his father, and he is descended from two previous generations of Hokage.

Because of Naruto’s popularity, many of the villagers expect this tradition to continue, making Boruto the clear favourite to succeed his father.

Boruto, on the other hand, has no desire to become Hokage, and resents his workaholic father, who rarely has time for his family. Boruto has indicated that, like his idol, Sasuke Uchiha, he would rather take a back seat and support the Hokage from the shadows. This leaves the position of Hokage vacant, but who might be the next in line?

Konohamaru Sarutobi is the most likely candidate for the position of Eighth Hokage. Konohamaru, like Boruto, is a ninja with Hokage blood in his veins, courtesy of his grandfather, the Third Hokage.

Despite the fact that Konohamaru and Naruto’s friendship began as a comic rivalry, the two connected over their shared values and hoped to reach the top one day.

Naruto eventually accepted Konohamaru as his first student, which is crucial because most prior Hokage received their training from someone else – the Fifth learnt from the Third, the Sixth from the Fourth, and so on.

Konohamaru is a clear choice to succeed Naruto, with the correct biological heritage and the Seventh as his sensei. He’s also clearly the strongest of his generation.

While Konohamaru should be the Eighth Hokage, Sarada Uchiha, a Boruto character, has already demonstrated the requisite qualifications to be the Ninth. Sarada, unlike Boruto, aspires to be Hokage, which fits in nicely with Boruto’s desire to be a supporting character.

Sarada has already proven herself to be more than adept in a fight, inheriting her parents’ power, and is the series’ most dedicated and hardworking character.

Sarada’s elevation to Hokage would likewise be a watershed moment for the Uchiha. During the early years of Konoha, it was unheard of for a member of the Uchiha to govern the village, and this mistrust led to war and struggle.

Sarada’s appointment as Hokage would finally put an end to both the long-standing Uchiha prejudice and the (more understandable) ill feelings against Sasuke, which people had held against the clan since Naruto’s rise to power.

Unfortunately, it’s probable that Naruto will be the line’s final Hokage. Boruto’s narrative begins with Konoha village in ashes and Boruto engaged in a fatal battle with Kawaki, the circumstances and end of which are unknown.

Despite Konoha’s bleak future, the Hidden Leaf has been repaired before, therefore Boruto’s flashforward does not rule out the possibility of another Hokage.

It’s uncertain how long Boruto will continue, and when Masashi Kishimoto’s next manga, Samurai 8, was cancelled, there may even be a sequel to the sequel. If Boruto is renewed for another season, at least two worthy Hokage successors will be waiting in the wings.

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