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Who’s the U. A. Traitor: 10 Giveaways from My Hero’s Academia Wonder



Who is the us traitor

Who is the ua traitor: Fans of My Hero Academia wonder if there were any apparent evidence of their genuine intents and behaviours in the past.

The most recent chapters of My Hero Academia finally resolve an issue that has been plaguing fans since the anime’s first season. What is the identity of the U.A. traitor? Many people assumed the perpetrator was Toru Hagakure, but they were shocked to learn that it was Yuga Aoyama.

Yuga, who was born without a Quirk, gets caught by All for One’s plans after his parents make a deal with the villain to grant him one. While Izuku Midoriya still believes Yuga Aoyama may be saved, some of his classmates may disagree. Meanwhile, admirers wonder if there were any clear clues of Aoyama’s genuine intents and acts in the past.

During the U.A. Entrance Exam, he is the first student Izuku meets.

Who is the us traitor

Yuga Aoyama initially appears during the University of Arizona Entrance Exam. Izuku is determined to locate and fight the robots he requires, but he is woefully unprepared for the test. Yuga Aoyama, a rival contestant, steps in and explodes a robot right beneath Izuku’s nose. He thanks Izuku for being a distraction and walks away, remarking that they are unlikely to meet again.

Although the conversation didn’t seem significant at the time, it could have been a foreshadowing of what was to come. Izuku’s first step in realising his dream is to pass the entrance exam, and Yuga’s Navel Laser comes dangerously near to hitting him. As a result, the two characters have a bond from the outset, which is later solidified by their issues with their Quirks.

He spends a lot of time in front of the camera.

Yuga has an odd demeanour throughout the anime, which is apparently supposed to catch everyone’s attention to him. As a result, he has a habit of frequently facing the camera, as if breaking the fourth wall.

Fans dismissed Yuga’s strange manner as just another method for him to show the world his true’sparkle,’ but it could have been another clue.

His Weirdness Isn’t Compatible With His Physicality

Yuga’s Quirk is incompatible with his physique, which is one of the things that stands out about his character. So far, Deku, who gets his Quirk from All Might by becoming his heir, and the villain Dabi, whose Cremation Quirk burns him owing to his genetic origin, have been the most prominent examples. Yuga is in a similar situation, as his body is unable to handle the constant use of Navel Laser.

Granted, Quirk misuse has consequences for others, like as Shota Aizawa’s dry eye, Katsuki Bakugou’s wrists being injured by explosives, and Shoto Todoroki’s hypothermia caused by his own Quirk.

However, the mismatch is never quite so severe, and Yuga must rely on a support item—his belt—in order to use his talent at all. To top things off, Yuga only approaches Izuku because of their resemblance, implying that they are significantly more alike than they appear.

Even if he doesn’t have close friends, he knows a lot about his classmates.

Yuga appears to be slightly alone in Class 1-A at all times. Many students form their own small groups or communicate with others more frequently, but not him. This isn’t unheard of, given that the anime isn’t always focused on Yuga.

The fact that he seems alert, catching on to vital data about his classmates despite not being directly connected to them, is an intriguing fact. This is demonstrated when he confesses that he is aware of Ochako’s crush on Izuku.

During the Final Exams, the knowledge embarrasses Ochako so much that she lets go of the guardrail in an attempt to defend herself from Thirteen’s Black Hole. It turns out to be beneficial, as she catches Thirteen off guard and the two of them pass the exam together. Viewers dismiss the oddity of the remark, but one can only speculate as to what else Yuga observed.

His gaudy ensemble is far more practical than it appears.

Yuga’s unique nature is evident in every aspect of his life, from his room to his superhero suit. The outfit is flashy and unrealistic, as if it were designed for a mythical Prince Charming. However, it is lot more practical than it appears in actuality.

His glasses shield his eyes from the lasers, and the armour protects his most vulnerable body parts from immediate harm. It also has cutting-edge technology that enables Yuga to channel his Navel Laser via both his shoulders and knees in a Super Move known as Navel Buffet Laser. This is in stark contrast to several of his peers’ outfits, which are more beautiful than functional. It implies that he is more than meets the eye.

During the U.S.J. incident, he is not present.

The League Of Villains first appears at the U.S.J., when Tomura Shigaraki and a squad of about seventy villains try to kill All Might by sneaking past U.A. security. Kurogiri scatters the kids of Class 1-A during the onslaught. Many of them are shown fighting the villains that are attacking them.

Izuku and his friends Minoru Mineta and Tsuyu Asui have a lot of screen time, while other characters like Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu, Katsuki Bakugou, and Shoto Todoroki also make appearances. Yuga isn’t present at all.

His meeting with Dabi raises a lot of questions.

Yuga’s bizarre meeting with Dabi during the Vanguard Action Squad’s attack on the training camp is certainly one of the more dubious aspects of his arc. Yuga hides behind a bush in the wilderness and ponders the removal of Mustard’s gas. Although his conclusion of the villain’s defeat appears reasonable, it could possibly be linked to prior knowledge of Mustard’s involvement.

That’s when Dabi, accompanied by Twice, appears. The villain appears to notice Yuga, with Yuga even remarking in his head that their eyes had met. Dabi begins walking toward Yuga’s hiding place, but is intercepted by Twice, who causes him to reconsider. Dabi’s lack of interest in a student who wasn’t on his capture list could have explained the situation, but it plainly indicated much more.

During the Provisional Hero License Exam, he uses his Navel Laser as a Beacon.

For Class 1-A, the Provisional Hero License Exam is quite challenging. Because of the U.A. Sports Festival, other schools are prepared for them and are familiar with their quirks. During the Crushing of U.A., Izuku and his classmates must defend themselves against a focused assault by a large number of other students. Yuga is surprisingly helpful, utilising his Navel Laser as a beacon to rally the remaining 1-A pupils.

They are able to pass the first level of the exam with his help. However, as valuable as Aoyama’s contribution is, this is a power that could have been exploited far more subtly. Because Aoyama had been exercising with his Navel Laser at the Forest Training Camp, he could have easily drawn the League there with his Quirk, even if he didn’t know where they were going.

He simply wishes to be on an equal footing with everyone.

The Provisional Hero License Exam gives you even more insight into Yuga’s personality. While channelling his Navel Laser beam, he tells Tenya Iida that all he wants is to be treated equally by everyone.

Yuga is insecure and unusual, despite his vain attitude. Viewers believe it is because of his incapacitating Quirk, but it is actually because he was born without one.

It Was A False Red Herring When He Was Sneaking Around With Cheese.

Yuga is seen spying on Deku in a well-known suspicious incident. Yuga’s evil intentions are heavily hinted at in the chapter, but the incident is later deemed harmless. Yuga simply wanted to show his support for Deku and offer him some cheese because he understood his predicament.

As a result, Yuga’s appearance was viewed as a red herring by spectators. It should have been evident that Yuga’s creeping around in the middle of the night was suspicious, in retrospect.

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