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Wilson Cruz: Bio, Age, Movies, Relationship & Net Worth



Wilson Cruz is an American actor who plays an openly gay character in “Star Trek: Discovery”. He started acting at the age of seven and has since appeared in films like My So-Called Life and 13 Reasons Why.

The actor of Puerto Rican descent hopes his upcoming roles will bring more people of color into the spotlight. Let’s talk more about him in the article. Follow fox24x7 to get daily updates.

Wilson Cruz Bio & Age

Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz (born December 27, 1973). The actor Wilson Cruz is known for his roles on TV shows such as “My So-Called Life” and “Nathan’s Ark.” He was Born in Brooklyn, New York. He holds American nationality but embraces his Puerto Rican heritage.  His family moved to San Bernardino, California, when he was 10 years old.


Wilson Cruz is a renowned actor, activist and humanitarian. His latest role is on the Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why” and in the critically acclaimed animated children’s series “The Bravest Knight.”

In addition to acting, he is also an executive producer of “VISIBLE: OUT ON TELEVISION”, which explores the struggles of the LGBTQ community. His bio is packed with impressive facts and information about his life.

Wilson Cruz Movies

If you’re interested in watching movies featuring Wilson Cruz, you’re in the right place. The American actor has a long list of credits, ranging from Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life to Angel in the Broadway production of Rent.

He was also in the 2007 thriller Johns, playing a male prostitute named Mikey. His filmography is filled with impressive roles ranging from crime thrillers to comedies. You’ll be able to find many of his roles and enjoy watching his movies for a long time.


Wilson Cruz Relationship

In the world of television, the actor Wilson Cruz has not revealed his relationship status. Previously, However, his fans can keep tabs on Wilson Cruz’s relationship status on social media.

Wilson Cruz has a long history in the LGBTQ community. He played a groundbreaking character in My So-Called Life and has been a strong advocate for the community both publicly and behind the scenes. In his first appearance on the show, he was gay. During his time on the show, he also acted in several musicals and plays. He has a large fan base and is an advocate for the LGBT community.

Wilson Cruz Net Worth

Wilson Cruz has a estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

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