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Kim Woojin Reason For Leaving Korean Boy Band have acquired massive success




Kim Woojin K-Pop bands have acquired massive success in the Western music scene in recent years, with listeners worldwide taking notice of their songs and videos. Stray Kids, a well-known Korean boy band formed in 2017, is one of the most famous.

Kim Woojin, a member of this Korean band, left the group in 2019, and his reasons for departing were unclear. Continue reading to learn the reason for Kim Woojin’s departure.

Why did Kim Woojin decide to leave Stray Kids?


According to Distractify, Kim Woojin of Stray Kids has performed with the band since they were created in 2017. Woojin was the group’s lead vocalist and the group’s eldest member.

He opted to leave the boy band in the later half of 2019, when JYP Entertainment formally confirmed Woojin’s departure. In an official statement, the record company stated, which was translated into English: “Woojin, who has been a member of Stray Kids until now, has left the group due to personal reasons and his exclusive contract has been ended. We sincerely apologise for any trouble this has caused many followers.”

According to Meaww, after leaving the Korean boy band, Kim Woojin continued to organise solo meet-ups with fans, worked on self-improvement, and released goods. The singer has even started his own YouTube account.

The band appeared to be disappointed by his departure, but they wished him well on his new adventure and solo career. Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N., Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Changbin are the group’s remaining members.

Accusations levelled against Kim Woojin

According to Distractify, an anonymous Twitter user, who has since deleted their account, claimed that a “idol who is greatly liked by his admirers” sexually harassed her and a buddy. On September 8, 2020, the user stated in a series of tweets that he encountered Woojin in a bar in Seoul during the coronavirus outbreak, when he reportedly sought to touch them improperly without their consent, despite repeated objections. Woojin took to Twitter and Instagram to deny the allegations levelled against him, in a post that has since been removed from all sites.

He penned, “Hello there. Woojin Kim here. I’m going through an awkward situation today, so I’m publishing a post to tell fans of the current state of both contemporaneous works. Someone on Twitter propagated strange stories about you and deleted your account… I’ve never met her, and I’ve never visited the locations described.

Fans must have been taken aback, but don’t worry since it’s not real. In addition, I recently signed a deal with a company I adore, and I’m putting in a lot of effort for my solo activities. Please don’t be alarmed; the company intends to take action against those who spread false information, and the firm will respond accordingly, so don’t be alarmed. Then I’ll convey the news once more. Thank you very much.”

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