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Xbox Series X Pre Order Amazon: Product Everything to need in India



xbox series x pre order amazon

xbox series x pre order amazon: How do I place an Amazon India pre-order for the Xbox Series X? Here’s everything you need to know about the restocking of Xbox Series X on Amazon India’s website. Continue reading

The Xbox Series X next-generation console is undoubtedly one of the greatest on the market, with a slew of innovative features. Purchasing it, however, has become as difficult as a treasure hunt.

However, we have some excellent news for the sportsmen in India. Amazon India will supply Xbox Series X shortly, and you can start pre-ordering right now. If you’ve been wondering how to pre-order the Xbox Series X on Amazon India, fear not; here’s all you need to know.

How do I place an Amazon India pre-order for the Xbox Series X?

xbox series x pre order amazon

From March 11, 2021, the Xbox Series X will be available for pre-order on Amazon India. Players who have been eager to get their hands on the console may finally do so for Rs 49,990. Here’s how to get an Xbox Series X pre-order on Amazon –

• Go to or open the Amazon App.

• Look for the Xbox Series X console.

• Once you’ve seen the findings, tap on the console to open it, or click here to access it.

• Go to the bottom of the page and click the pre-order button.

• Select a payment method and enter the required information.

Amazon India customers can also buy the console with a variety of EMI options from several domestic and international banks. The monthly EMI payment option starts at Rs 2,353. You will earn a 5% discount if you use an American Express credit card or a 7.5 percent discount if you use a Yes Bank credit card.

Restock date for the Xbox Series X on Amazon India

On March 19, Amazon India will refill Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gaming console. Customers who order the next-generation console, on the other hand, will begin receiving it on March 22. The flagship console is black, with a single controller, HDMI cable, and power cable included in the box.

Why does restocking the Xbox Series X take so long?

Not only is the low production rate a problem for the gamers, but scalpers and bots have also invaded the scene. The Xbox Series X and S consoles are hoarded by these scalpers, who are then selling them to other consumers for a large profit.

This is a severe issue that both next-gen console competitors (Xbox Series X/S and PS5) are dealing with. According to Mike Spencer’s remarks to the New York Times, stock constraints for the Xbox Series X will not improve until at least June 2021. Microsoft has stated that gamers will have to wait longer than expected due to market shortages of chips.

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