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Xbox Series Z Is A Video Game Console, What Are The features?



Xbox Series Z

Xbox Series Z: A video of a handheld version of the Xbox series Z went viral on social media a few days ago. The Xbox model is known as the Xbox Series Z, and it can even fit into a pocket.

The film was on January 17 by Kashima, a graphic artist, and prominent video streaming platform user.

However, some viewers are skeptical about whether or not the video is genuine. Continue reading to learn more about this new unofficial Xbox series Z version.

Xbox Series Z is a small video game console

Xbox Series Z

The Xbox Series Z is a game console designed by a well-known video creator with the ID imkashama.

The video demonstrates how a device opens its flap while playing games on the console itself. The screen is also shown to be above the joysticks, which are identified as the D-pad and the A, B, X, and Y buttons in the movie.

Even though Microsoft has been said to be working on a project that might be on par with or better than Nintendo’s Switch, the US tech behemoth has made no comments about releasing the handheld gaming device anytime soon.

Is the Xbox Series Z a real thing?

The game console form and function displayed in the film are based on a concept movie posted by a popular video creator known as “imkashama.” The gaming console is not an actual design for a future Xbox series, as Microsoft has made no formal declarations to that effect.

The US tech behemoth just revealed the Xbox Series X and S, which will be available in November 2020. Still, other users were perplexed while watching the movie, believing it to be a genuine Xbox series video exhibiting a real game console, which was not the case. As a result, there is no information on the Xbox Series Z price or the Xbox Series Z portable release date.

Kashama, a prominent film producer, is known for creating futuristic designs for various electronic items that may appear in the future.

He previously released videos of futuristic Xbox controllers, foldable iPhones, and a Lamborghini smartwatch on his video-sharing account, with 875,000 followers. Meanwhile, this isn’t the only console design that has perplexed viewers; the video for the PS5 Starbucks edition as well as the KFConsole were also revealed to be forgeries.

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