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Zach Wilson Mom

Zach Wilson mom : Zach Wilson of the Jets tried to pay mum to remove her Instagram account: ‘I don’t require your funds.’

Zach Wilson MomZach Wilson of the New York Jets offered to pay his mother money to remove her Instagram account, but Lisa Wilson says she won’t give in to internet trolls.

Wilson had requested her to take down her Instagram in the past after becoming the object of derision, most notably when she went on a tantrum denouncing the mask rules at Disney World back in May, according to the rookie’s mother, who posted a video to social media on Friday.


“Has my son requested me to take down my social media accounts because some people think I embarrass him?

He’s done it before. ‘Mom, if it’s about money, I’ll give you money,’ he adds. ‘Zach, I don’t need your money,’ I said “she said in her blog.

“Mom, you don’t disgrace me,” he adds, “but I can’t bear these people treating my mother like garbage.”

‘Zach, you know what?’ I said. If you saw the letters I get every day from ladies who have re-started exercising, you’d be amazed.

For the first time in their lives, women who are learning to cook. Women who are transforming their marriages with their spouses. Women who tell me that my Instagram is the only reason they get out of bed in the morning.

The only reason they don’t take a handful of pills is because something I said that day struck a chord with them.

‘ I am not going to forsake those individuals. I’m not afraid of the heat. Let the games begin.”

Lisa Wilson has a lifestyle-style Instagram account where she shares her personal life and tips with her over 27,000 followers, but she’s received backlash for some of the things she’s published in the past.

She turned her account private in May after going on a long rant on her Instagram Stories about Disney World’s COVID-19 mask restrictions, calling authorities “maskholes.”

She most recently issued a nasty public service announcement to the individual or persons who allegedly stole her purse at a wedding, calling them “d—ks.”

On and off the field, New York fans have a reputation for exhibiting no mercy.

Wilson appears to be prepared to go to any length to avoid the media circus as much as possible.

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