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What Were They Zero Nightmare Before Christmas 10 Weird Details



Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween-themed film. Is this a Christmas film? Is this a Halloween film? Both? Fans will agree that there is nothing wrong with Jack’s Zero.

If you’ve never heard of Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, you might believe that the perfect holiday family film doesn’t exist. Follow the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and his faithful, ghostly sidekick, Zero, as they attempt to bring a touch of Christmas to the realm of trick or treat!

This twisted seasonal staple is perfect for the transition from summer to autumn, and it’s always a good choice for any occasion, from Halloween to Christmas! What else is there to learn about Jack Skellington’s trusty animal friend, Zero, despite the fact that it focuses mainly on him and his quest for Christmas?

What’s Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Ten Weird Details You Never Knew

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

He Is A Breathing Ghost

Zero’s face is that of a dog, while the rest of his body resembles a children’s ghost costume. Jack’s lovely buddy is unmistakably a spirit of a beloved pet dog that has moved on to the other side.

Despite the fact that he is dead (along with the majority of the other residents of Halloween Town), Zero looks to be alive! His sheet-like figure can be seen rising and falling in his basket bed in the film, as if inhaling and exhaling in comfortable slumber.

He has the ability to change his shape.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was based on a poem by Tim Burton that was a reinterpretation of the classic “The Visit From Saint Nicholas,” also known as “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

While the essential aspects of the plot are very similar, there are a few significant changes. One such revelation is Zero’s ability to shapeshift! When Zero notices Jack crying at the end of the poem, he quickly transforms into a tissue box so that his master can wipe his tears.

He’s Got His Own Comic Book Series!

Someone noticed the potential in the lively ghost dog and decided to give him his own comic book series! Zero’s Journey is a collection of 20 single-issue comics published by TOKYOPOP that serves as a sequel to the film.

The stories revolve around Zero’s many experiences, including a secret trip to Christmas Town… but more on that later!

He Reminds Me Of Other “Rudolphs” With Holiday Themes

Zero was inspired by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s narrative and attributes, particularly his shining, pumpkin-shaped nose. But why does he have that nose, and how are the other holiday villages in the universe depicted in The Nightmare Before Christmas connected to each other?

Are there more than a Rudolph in Christmas Town and a Zero in Halloween Town with his own bright nose? Is it possible to have a Thanksgiving Turkey with a sparkling beak? Of course, the genuine explanation is that it was just a sweet nod to Christmas and Zero’s future duty as the sleigh’s driver, but it’s fun to speculate.

He’s Traveled Alone To Christmas Town

Zero’s Journey tells the storey of Zero’s journey to Christmas Town. He chases Jack’s rib bone all the way into the forest and straight up to the same holiday-themed doors that his master previously discovered while playing fetch.

Zero is intrigued by the Christmas door and enters it, only to become completely lost in the bright world of Christmas Town. Can he return in time for both Halloween and Christmas in his home world?

He could have been inspired by a Dachshund.

Zero features a long, floppy ear and a narrow, pointed face, which is followed by an elongated ghost body. Many people have pointed out that he seems to be influenced by the dachshund breed.

This would not be the first time Tim Burton has drawn inspiration from a real-life canine. Frankenweenie, his short film (and then feature-length stop motion film), was inspired by his own pet friend’s death when he was only ten years old.

Jack’s Emotional State Influences His Mood

If you don’t pay attention, you might miss it! Zero’s mood varies throughout the film, especially during “Jack’s Lament,” as a result of Jack’s feelings. When Jack is happy, he is happy, and when Jack is sad, he is sad.

This was most likely inspired by real-life dogs’ emotional capacities and their ability to recognise when their owners are distressed by something.

He Has Appearances In Several Video Games

The Nightmare Before Christmas brand has extended to include video games, as well as a popular film, poem, and comic book series – and Zero has joined them!

Zero is a playable character in the Disney Magic Kingdom phone game, and may be purchased using in-game gems. He also appears in The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King and The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge, among other games.

He Was One Of Only Three Characters In The Poem

There were just three actual characters in Tim Burton’s original poem: Jack Skellington, Zero, and Santa Claus. Zero spends the most of the poem trying to cheer up Jack.

It’s simple to see why he had to be included in the full film version. He’s helpful, cute, and mentioned in the poem as Jack’s best friend.

He’s the only one of the main characters who doesn’t speak.

Zero is a significant character in both the poem and the film, either by Jack’s side or attempting to assist him in some way. He’s also the only one of the primary characters that doesn’t say anything.

Despite Zero’s lack of words, the audience can clearly comprehend his feelings and what he’s trying to say Jack at any given time thanks to his facial expressions and actions, which are beautifully brought to life by stop motion animators.

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