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Zhou Xun: Bio, Age, Height, Films, Net Worth & Relationship



Zhou Xun

Chinese actress and singer Zhou Xun has received global praise for her performances in numerous films such as Balzac as well as Suzhou River. Zhou Xun is considered the one of the China’s “Four Dan Actresses.” Alongside her performance in Balzac She has also been in numerous short films, such as “Teacher’s pet.”

Zhou Xun Bio & Age

Zhou Xun

Born on the 18th of October 1974 in Quzhou, China, her mother’s hometown. She has attracted international attention due to her role on the screen in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002).


The parents of her, Chen Yigin and Zhou Tianning were regular couple who married out of love. Then, she became engaged to Chinese-American actor Archie Kao.

Zhou Xun was a well-known actress in Hong Kong and China. She was nominated for numerous awards, for example, her nomination for the Asian Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards. Additionally her role as a character in Red Sorghum has received great reviews.

The film also brought the actress Best Actress awards and a Chevalier medal from the Order of Arts and Letters from French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.


Zhou Xun Height

Zhou Xun is Chinese but has also held American citizenship. She stands 1.6 millimeters tall. He weighs 48 kilos. The height of his figure is remarkable, and the actor’s height is in line with his nationality.

Also, the actor became a well-known actor in his native country however, his career took off when the move in Los Angeles. Zhou Xun is a famous performer, actress as well as an activist within the Chinese entertainment industry.

Her part on the Suzhou River film has made her famous. She has won numerous awards throughout her career, and she is also married to American actor Archie Kao.


The couple hasn’t been implicated in any controversy or gossip regarding their relationship. However, she’s very engaged on the social networks and the account she has on Instagram account has more than five million followers.

Zhou Xun Films

A Chinese actor and singer, Zhou Xun is regarded as a Four Dan Actress. After having a role in movies like Balzac as well as Suzhou River, Zhou has received worldwide praise. She is well-known as a performer who can portray the innocent as well as sophisticated.

It is not clear precisely what her contribution to Balzac was. For more information what it was, continue reading. This article will explain some of the most well-known Zhou Xun movies.


Zhou Xun films are widely considered to be China’s top films. No matter if they’re popular comedies or dramas the films usually feature unforgettable performances from the actors. In fact, the top Zhou Xun movies are ones which attract lots of interest.

These are the most popular 10 Zhou Xun movies. They are ranked from top to least popular based on the amount of popularity. The order in which the films were screened was decided by the amount of votes.

Zhou Xun Net Worth

Zhou Xun is a Chinese actress and singer who has a net worth of $20 million. Zhou Xun is a Chinese singer and actress who has received a range of accolades and awards among them Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.


The net worth of Zhou Xun could be affected by investment gains, management fees as well as by his divorce and marriage.

While some measure success by the number of awards they win while others measure the success of their net worth. Although money can’t buy happiness but it certainly contributes to an extravagant life.

Zhou Xun’s net worth is staggering and demonstrates the value of a career that is successful. Below are his wealth sources and the estimated value of his net worth. We wish you a great time with the wealth he has amassed! Make sure to visit Zhou’s official website. Xun.


Zhou Xun Relationship

The day Zhou Xun and Li Daqi got married, the actress named her new husband, Wang Zhonglei “lover” on the stage. The couple later bought the same house in Beijing and also met their parents.

They did not have kids however they did experience another scandal. Zhou Xun’s second wedding took place with Dou Peng, who was the boss at the Huayi company in which he worked.

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